Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 070717

1. Meeting called to order at 11.15am UTC

Present: Ray Plzak, Paul Wilson, Axel Pawlik, Raul Echeberria

2. Agenda bashing

RE adds: “other options in IGF”.

RP proposes to cover action items under AOB.

3. Approval of minutes of last meeting

AP moves approval of minutes of last meeting as circulated.
RE seconds.
RP notes 4 in favour, 1 absent.

RE asks about agreement of absent members.
RP asks if there are any objections to proceeding on matters previously
decided in absence of Adiel.

No objections noted.

4. ICANN pledge

RP proposes that NRO submit a single pledge form in the amount of US
RP notes 4 in favour, 1 absent.

5. NRO and ASO servers

PW proposes that Secretariat should have full root access to the NRO
server, without relying on NCC staff.

AP states that RIPE NCC staff are not comfortable with full access, and
proposes to implement a plan so we can move forward, and contact the
secretariat within 7 days.

RP states that ARIN staff would like to be involved. Matt Ryanczak will
contact RIPE and APNIC staff about this.

6. Status of IANA IPv4 file

RP reports that the file has been transmitted to DRC, with advice that all
will be finalised as RIR staff return from holidays.

Action: RP to contact DRC to finalise this matter.

7. Recap of RIR boards discussions

RP reports on RIR boards meeting in Puerto Rico.

RP asks whether we should draft a joint NRO statement for approval by
boards, and there is general agreement.

RP volunteers to do it.

Action: RP

PW: will write to rir-boards list. confirms that at last conference it was
proposed to spend half the time on markets and half the time on policy

Action: PW

8. IGF activities

RE raises issue of IGF proposals and lack of available slots. Suggests that
we need to decide what kinds of changes if any we want to introduce.
Suggests that we need to collaborate with the proponents of the IPv4
exhaustion proposal.

PW reports from internetcollaboration and suggestion to merge both

RP supports merger of proposals, AP agrees.

PW agrees to make contact with other proponents.

Action: PW

RE notes issue is about main session on internet resources. we need to have
a view including names of speakers, by mid-august.

PW suggests Raul to speak on our behalf if we have that opportunity. RP

RE raises question of one or more panels, overall structure of the session.
We should decide how to get involved in discussions, either directly, via
ISOC, or others.

RP agrees we should be directly involved, after experience at recent
meeting with USG.

RE volunteers to get involved in discussions.

Adiel Akplogan (AA) joins the meeting at this time.

RE raises question of possible pavilion at IGF.

RP raised problems from Athens with Markus Kummer. it seems that no final
arrangements have been made, just some discussions about doing something
along the lines of tunis. Raises question collaboration with others, or
going it alone.

AP agrees with should do something.

RE suggests that given importance of topic, we should have our own
pavilion, to be better identified. happy to work with ISOC on programme
activities, but we should have our own pavilion.

AA agrees.

PW agrees and proposes to make decision today so that the CCG can go on
with the work immediately.

RP suggests that RIPE NCC send someone to Geneva to discuss all details.

PW to draft a brief for the CCG for pavilion.

Action: PW

RE points out other opportunities previously mentioned, including recorded
messages etc. suggests that recording a message is worthwhile, but we
need to advise IGF secretariat. also, an NRO presentation in the Open
Forum; suggests that we ask for a slot.

RE to produce proposals for message and for open forum; RP will transmit to
IGF secretariat.

AA to work on content of message.

Action: RE, RP, AA

** Return to minutes of last meeting.

RP asks AA to reaffirm items from previous minutes.

AA reaffirmed agreement with all specific matters from previous minutes,
including approval of those minutes. Agreed also with ICANN pledge.

Action: AA to send pledge form to ICANN

9. CCG status

RP suggests that a workplan for this year is no longer necessary. EC needs
to direct CCG to do the work for Tunis.

PW supports the call for a CCG meeting in New Delhi, as a working meeting
for preparations for IGF.

AA also no objections if they wish to meet during APNIC 24.

RE supports the meeting as useful and necessary.

AP agrees that meeting could be useful, however they will need to start
work before that meeting.

RP suggests to ask for specific list of agenda topics and activities.

All: Agreed.

PW to complete brief for pavilion and send to Ray for inclusion in this
correspondence to CCG chair.

10. AOB

10.1 RP reviews action points from past minutes:

A1 – completed. discussed contribution with MK, IGF paperwork now
completed by RP. when reply is received, we will know what the payment
procedure will be and RP will contact AA.

A2 – Still to be done, by RP and PW.

A3 – no discussion on 5th topic framework so far (Action: RE).

A4 – no discussion on teleconference schedule (Action: PW).

A5 – ICANN letter has been sent. RP met with BB and requested response
from ICANN, and their letter.

A6 – done.

10.2 global policy proposal document

RP comments that it is a very cumbersome document, and needs more editing.

Action: RP.

AP proposed to adjourn the meeting.
RE seconded.

Meeting closed at 1235 UTC

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