Meeting of the NRO Executive Council- 070606

Meeting called to order.

Present: RP, RE, AP, PW.
Absent: AA.

Draft Agenda

– IGF preparations
– secretariat contribution
– “Continuing Cooperation” Brochure
– “Fifth Topic” framework

– regular teleconference schedule
– various registries
– ASO global policy processing procedure
– RIR boards meeting in Puerto Rico
– ICANN letter status

1. IGC

RE moved to make the contribution to IGF of $25K USD, to be advised to
Markus Kummer in person, in face-face meeting in Puerto Rico.

PW seconded.


RE explained intent to explain our concerns to Markus, through a face-face
meeting between NRO EC and Markus Kummer.

RP proposed to designate contribution for operation of the secretariat.

AP expressed concern that this is seen as a continuing contribution that is
taken for granted each year. We should make a specific decision on this
each year. Proposed to reemphasise this when meeting with Markus.

Vote: 4 in favour, 1 absent.

Action: RE to arrange meeting with MK in PR.

2. continuing cooperation brochure

Moved by PW:

That the NRO EC tasks the CCG to produce a continuing cooperation report,
in accordance with prevous proposal.

Seconded by AP.


RE: explained background of this proposal, arising from the Tunis agenda.
Feels that RIRs have many positive things to report (lists a number of

RP: proposes that the format should be different from that proposed by PW.
we should not invite comparisons by having separate sections on each RIR
individually. Should organise instead according to themes. Should
describe and discuss RIR policies as a successful mechanism for managing a
distribution system.

AP: no objection.

PW: no objection to changed format.

RP proposed that he and PW to develop final CCG brief jointly.

Vote: 4 in favour. 1 absent.

Action: RP and PW to redraft CCG brief.

3. fifth topic framework


RP: Drew attention to matthew’s notes of the Internetcollaboration call,
including discussion of critical resources, composition of the panel
session, debrief from the Geneva meetings.

RE: Has supported inclusion of “critical resources”.

Proposed to make contribution to IGF only after we hear the resolution of
the UN SG on the makeup of the MAG and conduct of the IGF.

Suggests to include “new gTLDs” as one topic within “critical resources”.

There will be discussions on IPv4 and IPv6, and proposes that we should
arrive at IGC with a common view/position on IPv4 consumption and IPv6
transition. Suggests to invite Jordi P M to speak on IPv6.

PW: general agreement.

RP: Proposes to amend previous motion, to specify withholding IGF payment
until UN SG has announced his intentions for IGC.

Vote: 4 in favour of amendment to the motion. 1 absent.

RP: Suggests additional critical resources: IXPs and rootserver

PW and AP agree.

RE: Critical Resources session should not be focused purely on IP
addresses, rather on all critical resources (gTLDs, ccTLDs, IXPs,
rootservers and IP addresses). We could spend perhaps 1 hour on IP
addresses within the whole session on critical resources.

RP: suggestion to shift focus onto civil society and their obligations to
participate in development of critical resources (eg IXPs, hotspots, etc).

RP: propose to reconvene in PR to start developing some position papers.

Action: all to continue discussion on the mailing list.

4. regular conference schedule

PW noted that in Amsterdam we decided to meet on 3rd Tuesday in each month,

Action: To be discussed further on the mailing list.

5. Various registries

RE: wishes to conclude this matter asap. We have had no response from
IANA, so we should formalise the proposal with an official communication to
IANA, before PR meeting, with offer to meet DRC in PR if needed. Propose
then to make public announcement.

Action: RE to send email to mailing list to outline the steps proposed.

Action: PW to write correspondence to IANA based on RE’s proposal.

6. ASO global policy processing procedure

RP: Propose that review committee (PW and RP) look at this and revert to
ASO AC by the time of the PR meeting.

Action: Rp and PW.

7. ICANN letter

RP to take task of compiling all comments received so far, and producing a
single document for consideration by the RIR boards. Likely to do this
next week.

Action: RP.

8. RIR boards meeting in PR

PW to send details when available.

RP notes that there is an AC workshop in PR which should not clash with the
board workshop.

RE expresses some reservations about having AC workshops on a regular
basis, at each ICANN meeting. Proposes to limit to one annual AC meeting

Straw poll: general agreement.

PW: asks question about how to establish an RIR position. suggest to
approach each board individually about their agreement to do this and their
requirements to do so.

All: General agreement.

Action: all.

AP: motion to adjourn
PW: seconded

Meeting adjourned at 12.12 UTC

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