Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 070306

DRAFT Minutes

Present: RP, EC, PW
Apologies: AP


1. Welcome
2. Agenda Bashing
3. Approval of Notes of meeting in AMS with ICANN
4. Approval of IPv4 Registry Document
5. Meeting with GAC
6. Action Items Procedure
7. AOB
8. Adjourn

1. Welcome

RP opened the meeting at1105 UTC

2. Agenda bashing


IGF funding
Communication with IANA regarding IPv4 allocation procedure

3. Notes from NRO retreat in Amsterdam

Retreat notes (for Saturday and Sunday) do not need to be circulated. They should be considered informal notes of an internal NRO meeting.

Friday meeting notes need to be approved by EC before circulation to ICANN.

RP to issue urgent call for EC members to review and approve.

4. IPv4 registry

AA still to finalise and circulate document. RE notes that some changes suggested by him have not been incorporated.

PW to send reminder to AA.

RP to compose cover letter and circulate it to EC, before sharing with the AC.
AC will be asked for comment before sending to ICANN.

Distribution of “Various Registry” space to be finalised and sent to ICANN later. RP to confirm that revised distribution has been completed and circulated to EC.

5. GAC

RP reports that we have requested 30 minutes with them, on the topic of IPv4 consumption. They will decide on this at a teleconference to be held today, and will hopefully inform us.

Likely date for GAC is Tuesday or Wednesday of meeting week, to be confirmed.

Note that Bart has proposed 2pm Monday for our next meeting.

6. Action Items

RP proposes a new system of management by Chair of action items via the mailing list, to avoid spending time during conference calls. He will advise further by email.

7. AOB

7.1 IGF Contribution

RP summarises that IGF secretariat has approached us and requested contribution for this year.

Also received request from Adam Peake.

Discussion by AA and RE with Markus Kummer in Geneva. There will be 2 funds competing for support, and not many will contribute to a travel fund since many donors wish to make decisions themselves.

RE expresses support for direct support of secretariat, same amount as last year, with better acknowledgement of our contribution. Collaboration to host can bring better exposure, but Markus is open to improving recognition for donors to the secretariat.

PW agrees to contribute to Secretariat. Suggests that if we wish to contribute to fellowships, we can do this ourselves.

RP proposes contribution to same level as last year ($25,000 to be confirmed) conditional on discussion of recognition.

RE proposes that we should at least have public recognition during meeting, and on the website with more visibility. Agrees to take on responsibility for this negotiation with the IGF secretariat.

7.2 Proposed agreement on IANA procedure

All agree to limit announcement/promotion.

RP to incorporate AP’s comments in announcement and confirm on EC mailing list before sending document to ICANN.

Adjourned 1142 UTC

Last modified on 06/03/2007