Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 060228

Perth Australia , 22:10 UTC


Raul Echeberria, Chair – via teleconference
Ray Plzak, Secretary
Paul Wilson, Treasurer
Adiel Akplogan, Member
Axel Pawlik, Member

Other Attendees:

Therese Colosi, Recording Secretary


1. Welcome
2. Agenda Review
3. Approval of the Minutes
4. Executive Council
5. ASO
7. Internet Governance
8. Communications Coordination Group (CCG)
9. Engineering Coordination Group (ECG)
10. Any Other Business)
11. Adjournment

1. Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 22:10 UTC. The presence of a quorum was noted.

2. Agenda Review

The Chair called for any comments on the agenda.  The Chair added item 8 C. Pre-approved Giveaways.

3. Approval of the Minutes

A.  RP moved that:

“The NRO EC approves the Minutes of February 9, 2006 as presented.”

This was seconded by PW.  The Chair called for any comments. The Chair stated the need to keep the Open Action Items List updated and produced after each meeting. The SEC agreed to provide the list, and stated he would remind people of their actions.

The motion carried unanimously.

B. Minutes of November 22, 2005. (NRO EC 06-01 020905) (RP)
Amend first two items and verify status before publishing to the web. (These two items are to be discussed as 9 A & B on this agenda.)

4. Executive Council

A. Global IPv6 Policy. AP stated that Hans Petter Holen had posted the document for final comment and that the process is running ahead of schedule.

B. NRO Incorporation. (NRO EC 05-81 051019)  The Chair stated that the document was sent to the RIR Boards with a deadline to complete their review of April 3, 2006. He commented that PW had asked to check if document submitted to the Board’s list was the current version. The Chair stated he has received an e-mail from ARIN Counsel with the document included, and verified that they are the same version. However, the Chair will resend Counsel’s document to the Board. PW thanked him.

C. IANA Contract. (NRO EC 05-102 051122)  The Chair stated he had received the outcome regarding the revision of IANA contract but had not reviewed the document. He suggested postponing discussion to the next EC meeting. RP requested a deadline be set to comment on the document and review it on their list. It was agreed that RP would post this information to the EC’s list.

D. Charter for the Communication Coordination Group (NRO EC 06-02 060209). Amendments had been made and reviewed. PW stated he was satisfied with RP’s clarifications on the document. The Chair asked if everyone was satisfied with the document. All were in agreement.

The Chair stated he would send the Charter to the Chair of CCG and with a deadline by which to respond.

E. Charter for the Engineering Coordination Group (NRO EC 06-03 060209). The same action from Chair as above will be followed on this Charter.

F. Management of “Various Registries” Address Space. (05-72 050907).  Discussion ensued on the disposition of the IPv4 address space identified in the IANA registry as being allocated to various registries.

RP stated that he would send the status of all current address space with the distribution of a /24 to /9 (the largest aggregation for each /8), and then suggested that the Chair establish a date by which he wanted each EC member to comment to the list.  The Chair agreed and suggested a deadline of 14 days. All agreed.

G. EC Meeting Schedule.

  1. Procedures for calling a meeting. (NRO EC 06-04 060209) RP will send the procedures to the list.
  2. EC planned meeting attendance for 2006. (NRO EC 06-11 060209) RP will send the matrix of the EC’s planned attendance to the Chair for deciding where the EC will have a face to face meeting.

H. Harmonizing IPv4 Allocation Practices (NRO EC 06-05 060209). PW stated that he was drafting a brief for Adhoc Group to look into this issue.  The Chair requested the document be provided as soon as possible and PW agreed to do so.

5. ASO

A. ASO AC ICANN Board Selection Procedures (NRO EC 06-06 060209). RP suggested that a Committee be formed to discuss these procedures in order to revise the document. He explained that the EC needs to provide guidance to the ASO AC on how to revise these procedures so that they can be implemented by the end of the year.

The Chair called for objections to this suggestion. There were no objections. RP and PW volunteered to be the ‘committee’.

B. Procedure for the Selection of ASO AC Chair (NRO EC 06-07 060209).  The same action will be taken on this procedure as the one above with RP and PW volunteering to provide the ASO AC with guidance.

C. Reimbursement for Address Council Members (NRO EC 06-08 060209). RP stated he needs to send prior documents from previous years to the Treasurer to assist him in developing an updated document.


A. GAC Meeting (NRO EC 06-09 060209). The Chair stated that he sent e-mail to the GAC SEC and has gotten no response. He stated he would send a new e-mail to the Chair of the GAC directly.

B. ASO Status Report at ICANN Meetings. (05-76 051019). The Chair stated that a presentation was made by AP in Vancouver and asked the EC if they felt an “NRO 101” presentation was appropriate, or perhaps a simplified version.  RP stated that a simplified version could include: the status of numbers distribution; the status of policies in all the regions; and, a brief activity report of the ASO AC.  It would be informative and very succinct.  All agreed.

C. Review of the ASO. RP stated that ICANN will periodically perform reviews of their Supporting Organizations in accordance with their Bylaws. ICANN is currently reviewing the GNSO, at the last ASO AC meeting, Olof Nordling remarked that the ASO AC will be reviewed within the next year or two. RP added that he asked Olof if ICANN has a set of criteria they can provide the ASO AC to help prepare documents ICANN may need to conduct the review. Olof had replied that currently ICANN does not have a set criteria in place.

D. RIR COI Posture. (NRO EC 05-56 050809) The Chair stated that this was his action and requested he and AP work together on this issue. AP agreed. They will work together to follow up on the RIR Conflict of Interest posture, and prepare a consistent statement to the ICANN Board regarding this topic.

E. Department of Commerce Request for Information (DoC RFI).  It was stated that this document has been published with a deadline for information by March 7, 2006.  Discussion ensued on whether or not the NRO should be a bidder. RP suggested a statement from the NRO be drafted on what the NRO’s position is. RP felt that each RIR Board needed to take action in regard to this statement; and suggested drafting a proposed statement to the RIR Boards and have each of them discuss the matter in their individual Board meetings.

All agreed with AP volunteering to draft the statement.

7. Internet Governance


1) NRO Procedures for Communicating with the ITU. (NRO EC 05-95 051027) Draft and send the NRO Procedures for Communicating with ITU to the EC.  The Chair stated that this item has been superseded by #3 below.  CLOSED.

2) Letter to the ITU regarding NRO participation in the ITU Plenipotentiary. (NRO EC 05-98 051108) The Chair asked if the EC agreed on the letter that he sent for their review. PW stated he felt the letter was satisfactory. It was decided the Chair would send the letter to the EC list for one final review.

3) ITU Liaison. The Chair stated he had received an official proposal from the ITU but has not had opportunity to discuss it with the LACNIC Board.  He proposed the EC check with their respective Boards as well, and be ready to make a final decision in 2 weeks.

RP stated that the ARIN Board has agreed to a liaison similar to that of the ITU-T/IETF liaison relationship.

B. Internet Governance Forum (IGF). (NRO EC 06-10 060209) The Chair briefed the EC on the forum and its development.

8. Communications Coordination Group (CCG)

A. CCG Work Plan. RP suggested this item be set aside until the resolution of the Charter and it would then become a task at that time.  All agreed.

B. ASO Website. RP suggested a tasking to the CCG to work on the website. He stated that the ASO AC assigned Louis Lee to the task and Louis has been tasked to work with RP. RP stated he would draft a note for the Chair to send to the Chair of CCG to get this started. All agreed. The Chair thanked him.

C. Pre-approved Giveaways. The Chair stated the list from the CCG has been received and he was happy with the list.

RP moved that:

“The NRO EC approves the list of Pre-approved Giveaways.”

This was seconded by AP. The motion carried unanimously.

9. Engineering Coordination Group (ECG)

RP suggested items A, B and C be set aside until such time when the formal Charter is in place for ECG. The Chair agreed and suggested the EC read the e-mail sent by the ECG Chair and respond. He stated he would forward the e-mail to the EC for their reference.

A. NRO Server Placement. (NRO EC 04-78 041203) (RP)
Draft a plan.

B. List of Actions Items from the ECG Chair. (NRO EC 05-46 050609) (AP)
Request a list of actions items from the ECG Chair.

C. Define Backup/Recovery Plan Requirements. (NRO EC 05-69 050907) (AP)
Define requirements for Richard and Frederico, so that they may continue their work on the backup/recovery plan.

10. Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business. AA announced that AFRINIC 5 would be held during the last week of November (November 27 to December 1, 2006) in Mauritius.

11. Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 23:20 UTC.   RP moved to adjourn and this was seconded by AP. The motion carried unanimously.

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