Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 050609

050609 12:00 UTC

Participants Axel Pawlik (AP)
Paul Wilson
Ray Plzak (RP)
Adiel Akplogan (AA)

Observer German Valdez (GV)

At 12:15 UTC Chair convenes the meeting


1) Agenda bashing
2) Approval of minutes of the meeting held 12 April
3) Review of action list.
4) Actions at WGIG next week
5) NRO incorporation
6) IANA Service Contract
7) Roundtable Luxembourg
8) GAC Liaison
9) ICANN ASO Policy approval process
10) New arrangements for PI space
11) Observers to the EC meetings
12) Observers to the EC list.
13) Deprecation of
14) AOB

1) Agenda bashing

All agree with the agenda

2) Approval of minutes of the meeting held 12 April

AP asked for comments of the 12 April EC meeting minutes. No further comments received. Minute was approved.

3) Review of action list.

After the revision of the action list the next three action results

NRO EC 05-44 050609 AP. To prepare a document, taking in considerations the agreements made in Mar del Plata, regarding the solicitude of designation of GAC Liaison to RIR and share the document to the EC List.

NRO EC 05-45 050609 AP. To formally asks Paul Twomey an official announcement from ICANN Board for the ratification of the IPv4 Global Policy.

NRO EC 05-46 050609 RP. To request a list of actions items to the ECG Chair

4) Actions at WGIG next week

AP. Ask for comments

RP. My first question would be, Paul have you act on in the state we are working on.

PW. No, we haven’t had a EC meeting

RP. I’d like you tune up on the GAC portion in the second draft.

PW. Yes, that might be good. What is the general view of the status of this message we are drafting. I quite like it so far.

RP. I think we should go for a message we are capable to handle for the next week and be record for the WGIG. For you information also Lee Howard would be make a statement on behalf of ASO AC.

AP. Who will be there.

AP, PW and RE will be there.

AP. Then we will observe how the document develops, then draft a short note that I read out so be documented in the minutes.

5) NRO incorporation

PW I just recently provided what merely is final feedback from APNIC, for I am concern he has done his inputs. There is one thing I want to ask about. We don’t have details in the bylaws how the Number Council is selected. It’s that any reference is actually refer to the number resource council which is quite right but it just simple says that would be one of the committees in the organization. This bylaws I think will replace the NRO MoU.

RP. I’m having a terminology problem here. In the US when someone incorporates the articles rarely changes after the process of incorporation. I would hesitate to tight this because change in the future will produce corporation problems. We need a clarification in that regard about what you are talking about

PW. I’m not sure about the name of the invention, but is called the constitution. It’s seems to be not the articles in the incorporation as we would understand. This is much more about actions of the executive council.

AP Will se what happens after Ray talks to his lawyer then review the treat of the document and see other comments provided out to lawyers and see what happens

6) IANA Service Contract

This item was postponed

7) Roundtable Luxembourg

AP. One open thing that I don’t know who is going to give the national register address space presentation.

PW. It would be one of us depending of the really focus that supposed to be. Probably would give more over a technical presentation about routing

RP. Think it would be so much like the v6 presentation in Orlando.

AP. Yes that was my impression also. GAC People has asked to present something about IPv6, I am happy to do that. So we’ll have a short presentation about routing, Ray is agree to do that is about 10 minutes and in the second round will have policy making and considerations in policy given by Rob Blokzjil then we have a third round about making routing tables given by Paul or Geoff. We have clear what we want to do in the roundtable, first a clever introductory part before going to the juicy part of the questions and discussion.

RP. Have some slides about RIR 101 presentation and also a presentation of Steve Ryan regarding WSIS process that will be sent to Axel and Paul.

8) GAC Liaison

AP We talked about this during review of open action and it is defined now what to do.

9) ICANN ASO Policy approval process

RP. I stated earlier in the review of action list, most of the comments are already posted in the ASO AC list, no need for second round fo comments, take care of involvement of ICANN staff in policy process. Action should be closed when comments NRO be considered and posted.

10) New arrangements for PI space

RP. We are working in a plan about how to administer this space.

AP. We are trying to find some space that my be routed in the old class C space but that doesn’t seem to be anything available in all the majority has ERX blocks that holds Class B and alike.

PW. Do we know the result of the issue of whether or not the registries jointly are entitle to take and manage the others registries address space or not ?

AP. would be agree of doing this.

RP We could administer but we should put together a procedure about how to do it. The action is to figure out a plan where we are consider a process to assess former unallocated space so this be available for more people.

PW. This is the point a tried to make. We don’t ask for further opinions because this is space we are manage.

11) Observers to the EC meetings

RP. We have two considerations. First is to have observers related to secretariat functions I don’t see any problem on that, the second what happen when a member of the EC is absent. What the substitute will be capable of doing?

At this moment RP and GV were lost from the teleconference because of technical problem

RP. states the next motions regarding to EC Meeting

1.- EC Will continue to allow a note taker for sake of the minutes
2.- EC Will allow a member of the council to designate an individual to sit in their behalf and represent them in the meetings and to participate in discussions that not determine any action
3.- EC members will determine individuals to attend to EC meetings in a regular basis.

AP Who second this

AA, AP seconds

AP Who is in favor

All in favor.

RP We need RE to vote on this.

12) Observers to the EC list.

RP state the next motion

EC will allow observers to the EC mailing list with the provision that they are not to post email to the EC list without the specific authorize to do so by their executives or in the case where they will be functioning in the absent of their executives

AP. Who second that

AA seconds

AP who is in favor

All in favor

AP who should wait for RE to confirm this.

RP I would like to know of there is any feedback to include two persons in the EC mailing list.

No objections received.

RP I will send an email a Raul based on the motion in this point to include Richard Jimmerson and Nate Davis be added to the list.

13) Deprecation of

RP. We need to come out with an implementation plan. I think we don’t need any policy discussion because IPv6 reverse delegation policy in pretty vague. Develops a time table for the deprecation. Engineers may coordinate this task.

NRO EC 05-47 050609
AP. To send a message to RIR Engineering chair team to coordinate a plan for deprecation of

PW. In what respect

14) AOB

No further business were presented.

Chair adjourn meeting at 13.20 UTC

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