Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 050315


Axel Pawlik (AP) (Chair)
Ray Plzak (RP)
Adiel Akplogan (AA)
Raul Echeberria (RE)

At 1200 UTC the Chair convenes the meeting.


0) Agenda bashing
1) Consideration of Minutes of the two previous meetings: 2nd February and 8th February.
2) Revision of Open Action List
3) AFRINIC Progress
4) NRO activities in Mar del Plata
Cocktail, T-shirts, Meeting with ICANN ??
5) NRO Incorporation.
6) IANA Service Contract.
7) GAC Liaison
8) Global Policies
IPv4, IPv6, Others ??
9) Funding AC meetings
10) ITU IPv6 Workshop. NRO Participation.
11) Swamp Space for PI assignments running out.
12) AOB

0) Agenda bashing

It was decided to postpone the discussion of the open action list until ten minutes before the closing of the meeting.

1) Consideration of Minutes of the two previous meetings: 2nd February and 8th February.

There being no objections or comments on the minutes, the minutes are approved.

3) AFRINIC Progress

After making a brief summary of the process, AA commented that from the AFRINIC point of view everything is very going well.

RE: Received positive inputs from ICANN side regarding AFRINIC recognition in Argentina.

RP: Also heard this.

4) NRO Activities in Mar del Plata


RE: Our first consideration is to approve the budget for the cocktail and t-shirts. As all those present are in agreement with the budget, the budget is formally approved. RE: The cocktail will be on April 7 at 6.30 pm, after the Public Forum. There will be speeches from Axel, Adiel and somebody from ICANN Board. All those present are in agreement. RE: We will circulate invitations during the meeting.


RE: Which design do we prefer?

RP: I think that the RIR logos should be listed vertically in alphabetical order.

RE: Based on Paul’s proposal, we will have the RIR logos arranged vertically and also the NRO logo.

The budget is approved to make the NRO T-shirts to be distributed during the AFRINIC celebration in Argentina.

RE: We should give more independence to the CCG in their work.

RP: The CCG submitted the design to the EC for its approval, there was no previous active internal consultation. I believe the EC should be involved in this decision because it affects how we present ourselves to the rest of the world and we should have the final say on such matters.

AP: I agree with both, but if anything has to do with PR the EC has to be involved.

RP: They have to work more regarding how they relate with the EC.

Meeting with ICANN:

AP: I have heard nothing yet.

RP: I sent a message to Paul Twomey regarding the Barbara Roseman announcement and the follow up to the discussions we had in Geneva.

5) NRO Incorporation

AP: Some are not embracing whole heartedly the idea of Incorporation in Uruguay.

RP: We must convince them that Uruguay is a good place to be.

RE: We are open to discussing other places.

AP: No, it’s not a good idea to go into that. Most people agree with Uruguay, there were no strong arguments against.

RP: The next step is for the lawyers to write up the articles of incorporation.

NEW ACTION NRO-EC 05-20 050315 – RE: To talk to the lawyers group to prepare the incorporation documents

NEW ACTION NRO-EC 05-21 050315 – AP: To communicate what we are doing to the RIR Board list.

6) IANA Service Contract.

AP: We have had no feed back on this.

RP: We all agree that there needs to be document.

RP: There needs to be something in the contract that becomes enforceable, now it appears that the only thing that is enforceable is related to fees. These fees are not a substitute for ICANN budget discussions.

RP: The contract is strictly for services. The other agreement we have between ICANN and the NRO is the MoU. But the service contract is very narrow and specific and only deals with the allocation of Internet resources.

AP: We might want to have another contract, or whatever, but here we are only talking about service fees.

NEW ACTION 05-22 050315 – RP: To prepare one last version of a document with our comments on this and send it to the EC.

RP: I’ll try to have it ready as soon as possible.

8) Global Policies


RP: The comment I made to Raul’s document is personally I believe we should change the wording in relation to announcements, so that it says that there will be announcements and that this will be worked out between IANA, ICANN and the NRO and leave it at that. Is that OK with you Raul?

RE: No problem at all.

NEW ACTION 05-23 050315 – RP:
Send Raul’s document back to the EC list after changing the wording relating to “announcements.”

NEW ACTION 05-24 050315 – RE:
Send it to the ASO AC Chair.

AP: ICANN has published somewhere that the Board has preliminarily adopted the IPv4 Global Policy, this is a good sign.

RP: For your information: At the ARIN meeting there will be an IPv6 policy round table with the participation of Geoff Houston , David Conrad and two persons from the Advisory Council, to will discuss matters revolving around the use of the HD-ratio and the /48 as the allocation unit between ISPs and end users.

AP: Proposes leaving other policies for the next meeting. The proposal was approved.

9) Funding AC meetings

RP: We are basically talking about supporting two face to face meetings a year. In relation to having an informational ASO AC meeting at every ICANN meeting, we should carefully consider this because it shows outreach, this is a good thing in the regional context, it gives more exposure for the AC members to the ICANN meetings and it is cheaper from the travel perspective. I think it is important that we do this and obviously it would be a shared cost. Another other issue: AC members attending their respective RIR meetings, this is important so that they can be involved in their policy making process, and I suggest sharing the cost. Also, it is cheaper to have them travel within their own region.

AP: Yes, I am in the same position, willing to share the costs

RP: Yet I believe we should keep it as regional as possible. If the travel policy is that we will share the costs, each region should decide. The same way we coordinate other local policies.

RE: I think that regional activities like participating in ICANN or RIR meetings, should be left with the respective RIRs. We support the participation of the AC members in those activities, but we prefer not to rule this kind of travels.

RP: I don’t consider going to ICANN meetings a regional activity. I believe the simple solution is for the AC members that are in the region where the meeting is taking place to be the ones to go.

RE: We are open to support AC members to travel to ICANN meetings for specific purposes.

RP: I believe the AC should have outreach presence in all ICANN meetings, have an open forum and make a presentation about what is going on in the address community. At each ICANN meeting there needs to be an AC activity that discusses current policy discussions in the region and is open to gather information from the community at large to obtain input for the policy process.

RP: The first thing we need to do is not to speak about money, but about the principles for conducting the activities themselves.

AP: Proposes to continue this discussion on the mailing list.

NEW ACTION 05-25 050315 – RP:
To prepare an e-mail specifically discussing this aspect, and then once we resolve that we can talk about money.

At the proposal of AP, Agenda Items 10) and 11) are postponed until the next meeting.

2) Revision of Open Action List

RE proceeded to read all Open Actions and modified their status as follows:

NRO-EC 05-07 050208:
All. to communicate with legal team regarding the creation of the role of coordinator of the legal team. This rol will rotate according to the secretariat. DONE.

NRO-EC 05-08 050208:
Sec to coordinate with CCG on languages for NRO website. DONE.

NRO-EC 05-09 050208:
All. Send comments to AP in 48 hours about NRO comments to WGIG papers on Names and Numbers. DONE.

NRO-EC 05-10 050208:
All. To send their comments about ICANN Strategic Plan to RP by CoB 14 Feb. DONE.

NRO-EC 05-11 050208:
RP. To assemble comments from regions regarding ICANN Strategic Plan. DONE.

NRO-EC 05-12 050208:
AP. To forward document to rir-boards on 21 Feb. DONE.

NRO-EC 05-13 050208:
AP. To forward end-result after rir board review, to ICANN 25 Feb. DONE.

NRO-EC 05-14 050208:
AP. To draft an agenda point for a meeting between ICANN staff and NRO during Mar del Plata.

NRO-EC 05-15 050208:
AP. To request friendly meeting with ICANN Chair and CEO during Mar del Plata.

NRO-EC 05-16 050208
RP. Will resend last version of incorporation document to EC list.

NRO-EC 05-17 050208:
RE. To research possibilities for NRO/AFRINIC social event during ICANN meeting in Mar del Plata.

NRO-EC 05-18 050208:
Sec. To ask CCG to design NRO give-aways for ICANN meeting.

NRO-EC 05-19 050208:
AP, AA. to arrange documents to formally sign at AFRINIC meeting.

NRO-EC 05-03 050202:
AP. To follow up with legal team regarding the NRO AFRINIC joinder MoU.

NRO-EC 05-04 050202:
RP. To incorporate the Statement of Work into the draft contract text and then send to the EC.

NRO-EC 04-65, 041203:
RE to produce new draft of IPv6 global policy.

NRO-EC 04-71, 041203:
RP to provide comments on ECG chair input.

NRO-EC 04-72, 041203:
All to provide comments to RP within a week.

NRO-EC 04-73, 041203:
PW to send proposal to EC for adoption with suggested comment period.

NRO-EC 04-74, 041203: RP, PW to create charter for CGs.

NRO-EC 04-78, 041203:
RP to draft plan regarding NRO server placement.

NRO-EC 04-79, 041203:
RP to coordinate list of languages for translations of NRO documents.

NRO-EC 04-46, 040616:
RP to draft request to delegate to the NRO.
need to look at and, too. OPEN.

NRO-EC 04-55, 041022:
RP to reply to ICANN regarding invoices/pledges, and to request one joint invoice for NRO in future.

12) AOB


NRO-EC 05-26 050315 – RE:
To send to AA the documents that LACNIC and ARIN signed in November, 2002.


AP: I propose to see whether we can meet face to face during the ICANN meeting.

RP: We should.

RE: PW will not be there, maybe we can get conference facilities so PW can participate.

NRO-EC 05-27 050315 – RE:
To try to get a conference room at the next ICANN meeting.


AA: For the next AC meeting in Maputo there is a room reserved for the 26th. I suggest we have it at a hotel we reserved instead of the conference center.

RE: Should the expenses of the people from the secretariat to assist AC meetings be covered by the RIR in charge of the secretariat or by the NRO? Probably one person should be there to provide support such as arrangements, minutes, etc.

RP: I don’t think we need minutes, they do not really need to be there.

AP: If the secretariat travels for secretariat reasons, if otherwise they wouldn’t travel, then the NRO should pay.

RE: Since the secretariat is rotating, there is no problem to cover those expenses from the RIR in charge of the secretariat.


RE: One concern: Paul Twomey sent us the letter regarding AFRINIC and he announced that ICANN would open a public consultation. I didn’t react at that time and maybe it is too late now, but I believe this public consultation is not necessary, in fact it is dangerous. How do we deal if there are negative inputs, for example from the ITU, against the recognition of AFRINIC in Mar del Plata?

RP: We will deal with it and we will not allow to have anything in the way of their recognition in Mar del Plata.

There being no other business to discuss, the Chair closed the meeting at 13.15 UTC.

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