Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal Team (CRISP Team)

There is a requirement for the global number community to produce a single proposal to the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) in response to the RFP published on 3 September 2014. This process has begun with discussions of this topic in each of the five RIR regions, from which a single proposal will then be developed incorporating inputs from all of the regions, and submitted by the deadline of 15 January 2015.

The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and their communities felt that this task could be achieved via an adaptation of the existing Global Policy Development Process (GPDP). A Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal Team (CRISP Team) was convened to guide development of the Number Community response, with streamlined operating processes.

CRISP Team Members

  • Janvier Ngnoulayea* – University of Yaounde
  • Mwendwa Kivuva – Network Infrastructure Services, University of Nairobi
  • Ernest Byaruhanga (Appointed RIR staff)
ARIN Region
  • Bill Woodcock – Packet Clearing House Executive Director
  • John Sweeting – Sr Director, Network Architecture & Engineering at Time Warner Cable
  • Michael Abejuala (Appointed RIR staff )
APNIC Region
  • Dr Govind – CEO NIXI
  • Izumi Okutani – Policy Liaison JPNIC
  • Craig Ng (Appointed RIR staff)
  • Esteban Lescano – Partner at Lescano & Etcheverry Law Firm
  • Nico Scheper – Director of AMS-IX Caribbean
  • Andres Piazza (Appointed RIR staff)
RIPE Region
  • Nurani Nimpuno – Head of Outreach & Communications at Netnod
  • Andrei Robachevsky – Technology Programme Manager at the Internet Society
  • Paul Rendek (Appointed RIR staff)

* Janvier Ngoulayea replaced Alan Barrett in April 2015

CRISP Team Charter

1. The CRISP Team will integrate the input from each of the five RIR regions and finalize the initial RIR submission to the ICG, in response to the RFP. If there are subsequent revisions to be made to the RIR ICG submission, the CRISP Team will document the need for such changes and produce an updated ICG submission after global number community discussion of the necessary changes (on a global scope mailing list identified for this purpose). The CRISP Team scope of activities is the preparation and maintenance of the numbers community ICG submission and discussion with the numbers community regarding that submission, as well as related, appropriate communications with the ICG and other operational communities. The CRISP Team will have completed its work upon the ICG transmission of the combined IANA Stewardship Transition proposal to ICANN, but will continue to be available to answer any relevant questions about the number community’s proposal from any interested party, until the completion of the IANA Stewardship transition.
2. The CRISP Team will consist of 15 members, two appointees from each RIR region who shall not be RIR staff, and one RIR staff from each region who shall assist with the submission development effort. Each RIR shall appoint their CRISP Team members by a method of its own choosing by 15 November 2014 as the latest.
3. The CRISP Team shall meet entirely via teleconference for its activities; these teleconferences will be open to the public who wish to listen to the CRISP Team discussions, and will be facilitated by the RIRs.
4. The CRISP Team shall also work through a public mailing list and the archive of such mailing list will be publicly available. The name of the mailing list will be <>.
5. The results of each CRISP Team meeting shall be published on the <> mailing list and additionally by each RIR to its respective community. The CRISP Team members from the region shall monitor and participate in the community discussion in their region regarding CRISP Team outputs.
6. The CRISP Team shall select a Chair and Vice-Chair at its first meeting (who shall be community members appointed from different regions), and shall endeavor to work via a “rough consensus” method as understood by the RIR community. Recognizing the need to produce a single RIR proposal to the ICG in a timely manner, the CRISP Team may proceed with any outcome given a supermajority  approval of 8 out of 10 members, if rough consensus cannot be readily achieved. RIR staff are not voting members

CRISP Team Mailing Lists

All global Number Community discussions are conducted on the <> mailing list. Throughout the development of the Number Community’s response to the ICG, the CRISP Team took note of all input provided on this list.

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 Public archive of

A second mailing list was established for use by the CRISP Team members. While only CRISP Team members may post to this list, the archive of these discussions is public.

Public archive of

The CRISP Team conduct regular teleconferences, which are open to observers. Information on upcoming teleconferences is posted to the <> mailing list, and recordings of these teleconferences (along with any notes and relevant documents) are available to the public.

Public archive of all CRISP Team teleconferences


Presentations or Documents Presented by the CRISP Team

Activity Date Event / Description Presentation / Document
2 Feb 2015 ICANN 52 Singapore, Responses to the ICG RFP Regarding the IANA Stewardship Transition Overview of the Proposal from the Number Resources Community
25 April 2015 Panel Discussions with the ICANN Board ICANN Board Community Panel
15 May 2015 US Government Accountability Office (GAO) Interview to Chair and Vice Chair of the CRISP Team. Written Responses to GAO Interview
19 May 2015 CRISP Team Comments to CWG Proposal CRISP Team Feedback to CWG Proposal
26 August 2015 CRISP Team Response to ICG Proposal CRISP Team Response To ICG Proposal

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