NRO News

New Format for Internet Resource Statistics

On 5 January 2004, the Regional Internet Registries (APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and RIPE NCC) implemented a new standard file format for reporting the current state of Internet resource allocations and assignments for: IPv4 address ranges IPv6 address ranges AS numbers The new file format, now available from all RIRs, ensures consistency and makes it easier for users to integrate and… Read More

Open Letter to ICANN from the Regional Internet Registries

Since early 2002 the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) have conducted an extended dialog with ICANN following the original ICANN proposals for Evolution and Reform of ICANN. The first RIR response to the ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee in May 2002 [1] enumerated eleven general principles regarding the RIR position on number administrative arrangements. This RIR response proposed a structure that,… Read More

Memorandum of Understanding Signed

After considering all comments received, the RIR Boards have developed a further revision of the proposed NRO MoU, as shown below. This document has been signed by the RIR CEOs during the ARIN members meeting in Chicago, USA, at 0900 24 October 2003 (local time). The RIR Boards would like to stress that they will continue working together with the… Read More