Call for Comments on IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions

IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their Pros and Cons

This document attempts to address all the IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their Pro’s and Con’s, put forward by the Internet Community as a collective. The use of this document is intended for the sole purpose of providing clarification of the IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their pro’s and con’s, in order to assist the Internet Community on deciding what solution are currently available to use Globally as a United Internet Community. The ultimate solution may or may not be as written in this document. However, these are the suggested solutions put forward to date and the ones we have to work with and adjust as needed. Additional suggested solutions and pro’s and con’s will be added to this document as members in the Internet Community bring them forward.

Please send any additions you would like to see added to this living document in the same format as the document currently reads. I understand this is a difficult subject with alot of angles and opinions, and as much as I enjoy listening to all of the above, please only send straightward applicable suggestions and pro’s and con’s. I thank everyone for their time spent on this subject and look forward to working on the resolution of our
IPv6 routing issue.

Comments should be sent to me at:

Thank you for your time spent on IPv6.

Marla Azinger
Frontier Communications
ARIN Advisory Council

Last modified on 27/10/2015