AFRINIC Moving Closer to Final Recognition as an RIR

Since its inception in October 2003, the Number Resource Organization (NRO) has provided its full support to the emergence of the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) as a new Regional Internet Registry (RIR). The work towards its emergence, as outlined in a July 2004 NRO and AFRINIC Activity Report to ICANN, has continued to accelerate with the sustained support of APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and the RIPE NCC.

Based on progress made and provisional recognition by ICANN, the NRO Executive Council during the Cape Town meeting on 3 December 2004, granted AFRINIC provisional membership in the NRO.

To support AFRINIC’s transition to becoming a fully recognised RIR, APNIC, ARIN, and the RIPE NCC have been conducting joint reviews of all IP address and AS number requests coming from the emerging AFRINIC region. As the transition continues into its second phase, all registration responsibility will soon be transferred to AFRINIC, while the RIRs will adopt a “second opinion” process for resource approvals.

With the success of this next transition phase, the NRO supports and looks forward to the anticipated final recognition of AFRINIC by ICANN in April 2005.

If you would like more information about AFRINIC please visit its website at:

The list of countries that make up the emerging AFRINIC region is available at:

Information on AFRINIC’s ‘provisional recognition’ status granted by ICANN in October 2004 is available at: to AFRINIC1.pdf

Last modified on 27/10/2015