NRO EC Meeting Minutes: August 2017

Minutes of the NRO EC Teleconference held on Tuesday 15 August 2017 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

John Curran (JC) ARIN Chair
Paul Wilson APNIC Vice Chair, Secretary
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC Treasurer
Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC


Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Hollis Kara (HK) ARIN
John Sweeting (JS) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Izumi Okutani (IO) APNIC

German Valdez (GV) NRO

Agenda NRO EC Teleconference 15 August 2017

0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Minutes Review
a) June 20
b) July 18
3. ASO Review Next steps – RIR consultation.
4. CCWG S2 update
a) ASO AC Empowered Communities Working Group (WG) Charter.
5. ICANN OEC Reviews
6. ICP-2 Consultations
7. ICANN 60 planning
8. CG Input / Consultation
9. Review Open Actions
10. Next Meetings
a) Teleconference Tuesday September 19
b) face-to-face meeting 27 October Dubai
11. AOB
12. Adjourn

0 Welcome

JC welcomed all participants and started the meeting at 11:05 AM UTC

JC mentioned that he had to leave the meeting in one hour due to commitments with ARIN’s board.

1 Agenda Review

JC added ITHI update in AOB section.

GV suggested to add S Gray contract to the agenda.

JC agreed and suggested to add the item right after minutes review in the meeting agenda.

All agreed.

2 Minutes Review

GV reported that ARIN was pending to send his comments for June minutes. GV confirmed that July minutes are approved by all NRO EC members.

3 S Gray Contract

GV confirmed that S Gray is ready to start the NRO contract at any time.

OR confirmed he was comfortable with the answers he received regarding S Gray contract.

JC asked for approval to sign the contract with S Gray.

All agreed.

4 ASO Review Next Steps

JC reminded that as part of the joint ASO and NRO statement the RIR stated that they would consult the community about the recommendations in the ASO review report. JC added that ICANN was conducting their own consultation.

PW said that the ICANN consultation is an internal requirement of ICANN to ascertain whether reviews are out as expected . PW suggested that the ICANN consultation doesn’t affect the RIR consultation process. PW confirmed that APNIC is preparing a community consultation of the ASO review for the coming APNIC meeting in Taiwan.

JC said that the NRO EC would need a face-to-face discussion to decide how to move forward with the ASO review recommendations. JC suggested to add this topic to the next NRO EC f2f meeting in October.

AP said that the NRO EC deliberations should be subject to the conclusion of the RIR community consultations.

JC suggested that the NRO EC could have preliminary discussions and finalize it after the community consultation is concluded. JC advised that all RIRs prepare their community consultation during their coming f2f meetings.

All agreed.

5 CCWG S2 Update

a) ASO Interim Procedures for use of Empowered Community powers

JC reported that the draft charter of the ASO AC subgroup on ICANN EC updated their content so now they can seek legal advice from RIR staff when needed, instead of requiring full-time assignment of legal staff to the group mailing list and meetings.

JC asked GV if they must request the approval of the charter to the NRO EC

GV said that is part the scope of the ASO AC the creation of these groups.

JC asked to the NRO EC if they approve the allocation of legal resources to the ASO AC subgroup on ICANN EC when the subgroup requires it.

JC clarified that the legal support request should be through the NRO EC.

All agreed.

New Action Item 170815-01 JC to send an email to Filiz Yilmaz and Kevin Blumberg informing them that any legal support request for the ASO AC subgroup on ICANN EC should be addressed to the NRO EC.

JC asked GV about the creation of the mailing list for the empowered community communications.

GV said that the list has not been created yet.

JC requested GV to create the mailing list, for communication to the public about ASO activities relating to the ICANN empowered community.

New Action Item 170815-02 GV to create the list for the communication of the ASO empowered community procedures.

JC thanked OR analysis on ASO/NRO/RIR participation on ICANN groups. JC suggested that the NRO EC discuss more about the value of these efforts.

6 ICANN OEC Reviews

JC informed about the ICANN OEC initiative to work on best practices and standardizing operational practices in all reviews across the ICANN support organizations.

JC said that this project could create an expectation that the ASO review must be performed according those standards, contrary to the ASO MoU.

PW suggested that the ASO MoU is clear about how the ASO review is performed. PW suggested to not engage in the OEC initiative and send a clarification note if necessary after any OEC documentation is published.

Al agreed.

7. ICP-2 Consultation

JC reminded about the question received regarding the ICP-2 applies to the current RIRs.

AP considered that the ICP-2 only applies for the creation of new RIR. AP said that current RIRs are run by their own communities.

PW noted that ICP-2 clearly doesn’t apply to existing RIRs. PW said that as written, ICP-2 clearly governs the creation of new RIR, with the expectation that once they are created they are self-governing according to their own membership governance processes.

JC asked PW to draft a response.

New Action Item 150817-03 PW draft a response to the question if ICP-2 applies to the existing RIR.

8 ICANN 60 Planning

GV reminded about Carlos Reyes email asking about ASO/NRO participation requirements in ICANN 60. GV reminded about the annual 5 minutes presentation request in the ICANN opening session.

JC said that the NRO could make use of the 5 minutes presentation to update the ASO/NRO recent activities.

9 ITHI Update

JC reported that the RSCG sent their ITHI consultation work plan including a description of the indicators and the announcement.

JC asked to the NRO EC approval to proceed with the RSCG work plan

All agreed.

JC said he would present an update of the ITHI RIR consultation in the coming ICANN 60 meeting.

At this point, JC had to leave meeting. PW continued chairing the session.

10 Review Open Actions

PW suggested to review the open actions in the list.

11. Adjourn

PW moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:06 PM UTC

AB agreed.

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