NRO EC Meeting Minutes: May 2017

Minutes of the NRO EC Teleconference held on Tuesday 16 May 2017 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

John Curran (JC) ARIN Chair
Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC Secretary – Vice Chair
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC Treasurer
Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC


Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Hollis Kara (HK) ARIN
Mark Kosters (MK) ARIN
John Sweeting (JS) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Sanjaya (SS) APNIC
Kenny Huang (KH) APNIC
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC
Hartmut Glaser (HG) LACNIC
Paul Rendek (PR) RIPE NCC

German Valdez (GV) NRO

Agenda NRO EC Teleconference 16 May 2017

0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Minutes Review
a) March 16
b) April 18
3. ASO Review Update
4. CCWG S2 Update
a) ASO Empowered Community Interim Procedures
5 MAG Chair request contribution for IGF UN fund
6. 0/0 implementation timing and communications
7. CG  Input / Consultation
i) Suggestion of roll back the IANA AS Number registry to the original format
ii) RPKI and Transfer Log
8. Review Open Actions
9. Next Meetings
a) Teleconference Tuesday June 20
b) Teleconference Tuesday July 18
c) face-to-face meeting 27 October Dubai
10. AOB
11. Adjourn

0 Welcome

JC welcomed all participants and started the meeting at 11:05 AM UTC

1 Agenda Review

JC asked adding in AOB to discuss a question from the ASO AC if the editorial changes of global policies are part of the scope of the ASO AC.

2 Minutes Review

GV reported that ARIN and APNIC are pending to send their comments to March meeting.

GV said that all withthe exception of AFRINIC need to send input to April minutes.

3 ASO Review Update

JC said that the last ASO review report has some references to the ASO when should be to the ASO AC. JC asked GV to liaise with ITEMS to make the corrections.

JC reminded about the NRO statement given to the ASO AC for their review with the intention they join as signatories of the document. JC said that the plan is to release the statement by the end of May. JC added that there some minor comments from the ASO AC on the statement. JC suggested to incorporate the ASO AC comments to the statement.

JC suggested to prepare two version of the statement one including the ASO AC as signatory and the other only the NRO EC. JC proposed to send both documents to the ASO AC looking for confirmation of joining the statement by the end of the month.

AB and PW agreed.

New Action Item 170516-01 JC to incorporate ASO AC comments to the NRO statement on the ASO Review and prepare two version of the statement one including the ASO AC as signatory and the second only the NRO EC. JC to request confirmation from the ASO AC to join the statement by the end of the month otherwise the statement would be released only with the NRO EC as signatory.

4. CCWG S2 Update

a) ASO Empowered Community Interim Procedures

GV reminded that the legal team prepared a draft document for the NRO EC to review it and make comments.

JC pointed out that the document lack steps on how to engage with the community. JC clarified a recent discussion in the empowered community group where it appears that the supporting organizations don’t need to individually act in order to the empowered community to administratively ratify appointments to the ICANN Board.

JC asked to the NRO EC to review the document sent by the legal team.

New Action Item 170516-02: NRO EC to review legal team document on ASO empowered community interim procedures and send comments to the list.

5. MAG Chair request contribution for IGF UN fund

JC reminded about the proposal so the NRO EC can make a second 2017 contribution for the functions of the MAG chair to the IGF UN trust fund.

PW and AB agreed with the proposal.

New Action Item 170516-03: JC to confirm to the IGF UN secretariat a second 2017 NRO contribution for the support of the IGF MAG chair functions.

6. 0/0 implementation timing and communications

PW wanted to confirm a launch date for the 0/0 implementation among the RIR and the global communication plan.

JC agreed that the discussion lead to launch the 0/0 implementation by September 30 but no final agreement was reached.

JC asked MK if the deploy of the 0/0 could be done independently or should be coordinated to be at the same time in all RIRs.

MK confirmed that the could be done independently.

JC asked MK if the relying parties of the RPKI services need to make changes before or wait after the implementation

MK said that, if there are no changes in each RIR TA the changes should be transparent to those relying on the services.

JC suggested that each RIR works in the 3rd quarter time frame to deploy the 0/0 service so all services are implemented by September 30th as the latest.

PW agreed.

OR asked MK about a coordinated test environment among the RIR before the 0/0 deployment.

MK said he would consult the ECG on this.

JC said that the testing environment for the 0/0 deploy may not pay off the effort but agreed that MK consult the ECG on the matter.

New Action Item 170516-04 MK to consult with ECG about the effort to conduct a test environment for the deploy of 0/0 and report back to the NRO EC

In response to AB question, JC suggested to work in two communications efforts for the coming changes in RPKI services.

JC suggested that AB continue working with the CCG on a direction statement to be published in the NRO website. The statement should contain the NRO EC position on having a strong, reliable, stable RPKI, and the approach of the 0/0 doesn’t preclude the commitment to keep working in a single global TA.

In parallel MK and HK would work in a technical detailed announcement in the deployment of the 0/0 service. Both announcement should be coordinated.

New Action Item 1705016-05. HK and MK to work in a technical announcement in preparation to the deployment of 0/0 RPKI service in the 3rd quarter of this year. The announcement should be coordinated with the new RPKI content in the NRO website (action item Action Item 170418-07)

7. CG Input / Consultation

a) CCG

HK reporting in the advances in the NRO website revamp.


i) Suggestion of roll back the IANA AS Number registry to the original format

JS briefed about the RSCG recommendation to request to IANA to roll back the ASN number registry to the high-level registry back in 2008, this would be consistent with IPv4 and IPv6 registries.

PW asked if there has been any discussion with IANA.

JS said that no formal discussion has taken place.

JC suggested to consult with ECG if there is any technical impact in the case IANA roll back the ASN registry and socialize the idea within the PTI

AB said that members of the RIR could be using the current IANA ASN registry format. AB suggested to make a public consultation about the request to IANA.

JC agreed and requested JS to work a public consumable statement of the RSCG recommendation.

New Action Item 170516-06: MK in coordination with JS to consult with the ECG if there is any technical impact in the roll back of the IANA ASN registry.

New Action Item 170516-07: JS and the RSCG to draft a public announcement requesting IANA to roll back their ASN registry to the 2008 format. The announcement could be used for a RIR community consultation to discard any impact on members using the current IANA ASN registry format.

ii) RPKI and Transfer Log

JS consulted the NRO EC who is the target audience for statistics included in RPKI and transfer logs.

JC said that in the intended audience would be technical parties dealing with Internet numbers resources like ISP and Internet researches but more importantly the logs should be used as a single point of reference to find the information.

PW agreed. PW reminded that according the APNIC policy they must keep a transfer log.

8. Review Open Actions

Action Item 170418-01. AP to send to the NRO EC a final draft of the NRO statement on the ASO survey. Deadline to incorporate comments and finalize the statement is Tuesday 25 April.


Action Item 170418-02. JC based on the NRO statement on the ASO review invite the ASO AC to join the document.

Action Item 170418-03 GV draft a response to Rinalia accepting the offer of ICANN hosting a wiki page with the ASO review status information but make it quite clear that the community input would be managed by the RIR through a community consultation process.

GV sent the draft statement for review of the NRO EC. GV said that ITEMS is now aware of the decision of the NRO EC to use ICANN wiki page for the follow up of the progress of the ASO review.

JC clarified that the page would be updated by the NRO EC according to the steps included in the ASO review timeline and the information in the NRO statement on the ASO review


New Action Item 170516-08 JC finalise draft from Action Item 170418-03 in consultation with the NRO EC and send it to Rinalia.

Action Item 170418-04 PW to draft a message to IGF secretariat informing them about an additional 2017 exceptional one off contribution for 75000 USD in response to IGF MAG Chair request for additional funds.


Action Item 170418-05 GV to update the NRO website with the new role information.

GV confirmed information is updated in the NRO website


Action Item 170418-06 GV to update NRO mailing list, aliases and inform ICANN about the NRO EC vice-chair role.

GV confirmed mailing lists are updated.


Action Item 170418-07 AB in coordination with the CCG draft new content for the rpki section in the NRO website.


Action Item 170316-01: Legal Team to draft an interim as simple as possible procedures, for the ASO community powers.


Action Item 170316-02: JC to draft a message to CCWG S2 representatives clarifying the engagement with this group (observers by default, no position unless instructed by the NRO EC)


Action Item 170316-03: NRO Secretariat. To create a list of liaisons we have appointed to any ICANN activities and publish it on the NRO website.

GV confirmed he sent a list of liaisons from the RIR community serving in the different groups in ICANN structures. GV said he consulted the ASO AC and NRO EC archives to define the list.

OR suggested to review and prioritise the participation in the different ICANN groups. OR volunteered after LACNIC meeting to review the RIR participation and make a recommendation on what groups are relevant to participate.


New Action Item 170516-09 OR to send an initial review about RIR participation in ICANN groups with recommendations on what groups participation is relevant.

Action Item 170316-04: NRO EC (JC) to clarify with IANA RC that according to IANA RC charter community consultation is only for the final report.


Action Item 170316-05: NRO EC (JC) to direct RC to provide its report on 15 months of IANA service; for period time 1 October 2016 to 31 December 2017, and give it to the NRO EC in the first half of 2018.


Action Item 170316-12 RSM Chair (JS) to get a document to the NRO EC for agreement on NRO global stats format and publish it.


Action Item 170316-13 CCG in advance of 6/6/2017 activities to update IPv6 content based on regional input and coordinate a RIR promotional video.


Action Item 170316-14 EC members, to work with teams to get 0/0 deployment date and report back to the NRO EC


Action Item 170316-16 GV to investigate an NRO EC wiki for document management with RIPE NCC

GV reported in the progress on the task. GV said that deadline to complete this action is before NRO EC June teleconference.

Action Item 170221-03 JC to draft a response to ICANN CEO regarding how to work together going forward as PTI customers. JC to share the draft in the NRO EC list for comments before submitting it to ICANN.


Action Item 161027-07 CM (or ECG Chair) to collaborate with the RSCG in the establishment of a set of RPKI adoption matrix for the use of regular reporting.


Action Item 141018-04: AF and RIR Legal team based on the RIR Governance Matrix propose to the NRO EC those areas where could be consolidation or harmonization among the RIR.

JC suggested closing the action. JC suggested that each RIR legal representative bring by the next NRO EC f2f any proposal for improvement in harmonization or alignment.

All agreed


9. Next Meetings

a) Teleconference Tuesday June 20

b) Teleconference Tuesday July 18

c) face-to-face meeting 27 October Dubai

All meetings remain as scheduled.

NRO EC agreed to distribute RIR CEO and senior staff in the transportation to Abu Dhabi.

10. AOB

a) Edition to Global Policies

Based on a ASO AC consultation, JC asked if the editorial changes to the global polices are part of the ASO AC scope or not.

PW said that would depend on what the definition of “editorial” is, and asked if this is an abstract question or if there is a specific change they wish to make at this time.

New Action Item 170516-10 JC to ask the ASO AC if the consultation of the scope of editing global polices refers to abstract cases or for particular cases.

11. Adjourn

JC adjourned the meeting at 12:30 PM UTC

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