NRO EC Meeting Minutes: February 2017

Minutes of the NRO EC Teleconference held on Tuesday February 21st 2017 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

John Curran (JC) ARIN Chair
Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC Secretary
Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC Treasurer
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC
Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC


Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Mark Koster (MK) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Sanjaya (SS) APNIC
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC

German Valdez (GV) NRO

Draft Agenda NRO EC Teleconference February 21st 2017

0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Minutes Review
3 ASO Review
4 ICANN 58 Preparations
a) Communication regarding PTI
5. CG / Input Consultation
a) ECG report f2f Meeting in Mauritius
6. Review Open Actions
7. Next Meetings
a) Next NRO EC f2f Meeting – Thursday March 16th (Copenhagen, DK)
b) Teleconference Tuesday March 21st
c) Teleconference Tuesday April 18th
8. AOB
9. Adjourn

0 Welcome

JC welcomed all participants and started the meeting at 11:03 AM UTC

1 Agenda Review

No changes were suggested to the agenda.

2 Minutes Review

JC and PW confirmed they were ok with January minutes.

JC asked GV to follow up in the EC mailing list.

3 ASO Review

JC asked GV for an update.

GV reminded that the contract and the questionnaire documents had deadline for comments for last Friday. GV asked for approval of both documents in order to contact ITEMS and move ahead in the ASO review process.

JC asked for approval of the ITEMS contract.

All NRO EC members agreed to proceed with the ASO review contract with ITEMS.

PW reminded about his suggestion to include URLs with further information of the ASO, NRO and the RIR to support the questionnaire.

JC said that GV sent to the EC list the actual list of URLs as suggested by Paul.

AB suggested adding questions exploring the boundaries of the responsibilities of the ASO AC.

JC asked GV to pass to ITEMS all the NRO EC feedback regarding the questionnaire to be used in the interviews for the ASO review.

New Action Item 170221-01 GV to coordinate the signature of the contract of the ASO Review between ITEMS International and the NRO.

New Action Item 170221-02 GV to pass to ITEMS all NRO EC feedback regarding the questionnaire for the ASO Review.

4 ICANN 58 Preparations

a) Communication regarding PTI

JC reminded about ICANN CEO communication asking how to work together going forward as PTI customers. JC suggested that the response should indicate that the NRO has a contract with well-defined escalation process and if anything goes out of the ordinary the NRO would make use of that.

AP and AB agreed.

AB suggested to remind ICANN CEO about the IANA Number Services Review Committee (IANA RC) that the NRO EC is expecting a report from them in due course and it would let ICANN know if there is anything of concern.

JC volunteered to draft a response to ICANN CEO on this matter.

New Action Item 20170221-03 JC to draft a response to ICANN CEO regarding how to work together going forward as PTI customers. JC to share the draft in the NRO EC list for comments before submit it to ICANN.

5. CG / Input Consultation

a) ECG report f2f Meeting in Mauritius

JC reminded that MK sent a note that the ECG is working in their report of their face-to-face meeting in Mauritius. JC asked that the report be sent on time for the next NRO EC meeting.

New Action Item 20170221-04. MK to sent in time for the next NRO EC meeting (March 16th) the report of the ECG meeting in Mauritius.

6 Review Open Actions

Action Item 170117-01.  GV to coordinate a teleconference to discuss the ASO Review between the NRO EC and the ICANN OEC


Action Item 170117-02. GV to prepare a scorecard for the evaluation of the ASO Review proposals.


Action Item 170117-03. All NRO EC members to submit scores of the ASO review proposals in the NRO list by Tuesday January 24th


Action Item 170117-04.  GV to send a communication to ICANN gTLD auction proceedings WG confirming the nomination of Sylvia Cadena, Carolina Caeiro and a tentative AFRINIC representative by January 20th 2017.

GV said that Douglas Onyango joined the WG.


Action Item 161124-01 CM to report to the NRO EC about the initial discussions on ICANN Committee on root zone evolution.

MK said that Carlos Martinez (CM) is on the committee but current discussions are limited to internal organizational aspects and no tech discussions have been taken so far.

JC asked about keeping the action or receive updates from CM when those become available.

AP suggested dropping the action and receiving updates from CM when those become available.

PW agreed.

JC asked to close the action.


Action Item 161124-02 OR to forward GV all ICANN mailing list that are still including OR personal account

GV confirmed that JC as NRO EC chair is now included in all ICANN relevant mailing lists with the chair at alias. GV said that OR was still receiving emails from one mailing list. GV said he’d follow up the matter with ICANN staff.

JC considered the action completed


Action Item 161124-03 GV to follow up with ICANN to update those mailing including OR personal account to the NRO chair alias account.

Same as above


Action Item 161027-01 AF in coordination with RIR staff to create a matrix document with the accountability questions that should have a procedure to comply with ASO powers and duties in ICANN.

GV said that he received a written report from AF. GV said that the action is on process.


Action Item 161027-02 OR to inform the ASO AC that the NRO EC would handle ICANN appointments temporarily until the appropriate procedures are in place. Communication will include the matrix document mention on action 161027-01.


Action Item 161027-05 GV to organize the publication of the letter to Larry Strickling in the NRO website.

GV reminded that this action was on hold waiting for the completion of the USG transition.

After consultation with Larry Strickling JC suggested to include the letter in the NRO website in the document archives section with no associated announcement.


New Action Item 170221-05 GV to publish the NRO EC letter to Larry Strickling in the archived document section of the NRO website.

Action Item 161027-07 CM (or ECG Chair) to collaborate with the RSCG in the establishment of a set of RPKI adoption matrix for the use of regular reporting.

MK confirmed he is working with John Sweeting, RSCG Chair, on this action.


Action Item 161027-08 OR to inform the RC to prepare to have their first meeting around ICANN meeting in Copenhagen so they can define their leadership roles and expect to have their first around mid year 2017.
GV reported that the communication took place. GV said that the IANA RC had their first teleconference last week where they elected Nurani Nimpuno as chair of the committee. GV confirmed they are planning a face-to-face meeting in ICANN 58 in Copenhagen.


Action Item 160920-02 AF to send a list of outstanding documents to complete the RIR Governance Matrix.

GV confirmed that the list was sent to the NRO EC list.


Action Item 160816-04 OR once the ASO review RFP is published to send an email to ICANN board informing them about the NRO plan for the ASO review.


Action Item 141018-03: AF and RIR Legal Team to include Governing Board Structure, Budget and Activity Approval, Fee Approval and Bylaw/Operational Document Control information to the RIR Governance Matrix.

GV reported that he just received the document from AF


Action Item 141018-04: AF and RIR Legal team based on the RIR Governance Matrix propose to the NRO EC those areas where could be consolidation or harmonization among the RIR.


Action Item 160316-01 OR to ask Elise Gerich regarding the IANA communications to any technical coordination list about special allocations to the IETF that could be used by the RIR to inform their communities.

OR confirmed that Elise Gerich responded on the matter.


JC suggested adding a new action item to draft a response to Elise.

New Action Item 170221-06. NRO EC. Based on Elise’s email regarding the IANA communications on special allocation to the IETF, the NRO EC to agree in a response to Elise Gerich.

7. Next Meetings

a) Next NRO EC f2f Meeting – Thursday March 16th (Copenhagen, DK)

GV confirmed that all logistical preparations are set.

b) Teleconference Tuesday March 21st

AB suggested deferring the decision on having the March 21st teleconference for the meeting in Copenhagen.

AP agreed.

c) Teleconference Tuesday April 18th

All agreed to keep the meeting as scheduled.


No AOB were discussed.

9 Adjourn

PW moved to adjourn the meeting.

After no objections, JC thanked all participants and adjourned the meeting at 11:35 PM UTC

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