NRO EC Meeting Minutes: May 2016

Minutes of the NRO EC Teleconference meeting held on Tuesday May 17th 2016 at 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC Chair
John Curran (JC) ARIN Secretary
Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC Treasurer
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC


Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Paul Rendek (PR) RIPE NCC

German Valdez (GV) NRO

Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC

AGENDA NRO EC Tuesday May 17th 2016

0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Minutes Review
3. IANA Stewardship Transition Status
a) SLA
b) ICANN Byalws
c) IPR
d) CRISP Team
4. RIR Accountability Review Status
5. Review Open Actions
6. CG / Input Consultation
7. Next Meetings
a) Teleconference Scheduled on Tuesday June 17th
b) Next f2f Meeting – Breakfast Monday May 23rd
c) ICANN Helsinki f2f Meeting
8. AOB
9. Adjourn

0 Welcome

OR welcomed the participants and reminded about AP apologies.

1 Agenda Review

No items were added to the agenda. PW reminded about the pending agreement on hiring the services of Nick Ashton-Hart.

2 Minutes Review

GV said that February and April minutes were pending for approval. GV said he’d follow up with the NRO EC members pending to send their comments.

3 IANA Stewardship Transition

a) SLA

OR confirmed that he was waiting comments from Elise to proceed with the signing document or propose a new version of the SLA.

AB confirmed that AFRINIC Board approved to sign the SLA.


OR said he asked Elise and Akram to be sure to include the number community part in the Implementation Oversight Task Force’s considerations

b) ICANN Bylaws

JC said that the final draft is out for comments. JC suggested to send a comment where the
NRO supports the current draft.

OR asked if there was any discussions about the transition of intellectual property rights

JC said that there was almost no discussion in the bylaws team regarding IPR

c) CRISP Team

OR reported that he had a conversation with CRISP Team chair and vice chair and explained to them that the NRO EC don’t see any future assignment where the CRISP Team should be involved. OR said that CRISP Team chairs suggested to have the team dormant instead of dismissing them in case there is reason to reopen it in the future.

OR considered that the NRO EC should be ready to close the team once the ICANN Board signs the SLA.

PW asked what are the steps ahead regarding the IANA transition process.

OR said that according to previous discussions, the NTIA should give the approval in early days of June.

AB said that Mwenda Kivuva resigned the CRISP Team in order to take a position in AFRINIC staff. AB added that AFRINIC Board decided not replacing Mr Kivuva. AB suggested closing the CRISP Team and recognizing the work of the team.

Regarding the process ahead, JC said that once ICANN Board approves the bylaws the NTIA would send a transmittal letter to the US Congress stating that they are ok with the criteria established in the IANA transition plan and they are ready to proceed with the plan.

OR said that he understands the ICANN Board would be ready to approve the new bylaws in its next meeting in May.

Coming back to the CRISP Team discussion, OR asked if the NRO EC agrees in dismissing the CRISP Team. All agreed.

Regarding the CCWG second phase, OR asked what the NRO EC would suggest for the CCWG members

PW pointed out that most of the work of the current ASO/NRO liaisons in the CCWG has been in the stream 1. PW explained that the second phase would include mostly the topics in the stream 2. PW asked for clarification about reassigning or not the ASO/NRO representatives in the CCWG stream 2.

JC said that he expects that the stream 2 would have a lot work for the following year. JC said he had no problem with keeping the same people. JC stressed in the importance to keep the representation regardless if it’s the same people or new ones.

AB suggested asking the current representatives if they want to continue.

OR agreed. OR suggested that if a member doesn’t want to continue or if the NRO EC wants to replace a member there should be process to appoint him/her.

JC suggested sending NRO EC comments to the bylaws draft better sooner than later and being clear that they support the changes proposed by the IETF IAB.

OR asked if the email sent by Izumi Okutani regarding the comments to the ICANN Bylaws covered JC’s recommendations.

JC agreed to endorse Izumi’s email.

4 RIR Accountability Review Status

OR reported that 2 weeks ago LACNIC had its members assembly where they approved all the changes suggested to improve LACNIC accountability. OR added that LACNIC is ready to publish its public summary.

AB reported that AFRINIC board approved its public summary. AB asked if AFRINIC should publish it directly on its website in addition to sending it for inclusion in the joint summary.

JC said that each RIR can do whatever they decide but he suggested working in the central report regardless of the regional decisions.

OR clarified that LACNIC has not published anything regarding the coordinated assessment and they are waiting for the joint announcement.

PW said that the APNIC EC would meet next week to discuss further steps in the APNIC report.

AB said that he was inclined to publishing its report in the AFRINIC website, before the joint summary.

JC said if all RIR are relatively close to conclude their reviews we could publish them in our own websites.

5 Review Open Actions

Action Item 141018-03: PW and RIR Legal Team to include Governing Board Structure, Budget and Activity Approval, Fee Approval and Bylaw/Operational Document Control information to the RIR Governance Matrix.

Action Item 141018-04: PW and RIR Legal team based on the RIR Governance Matrix propose to the NRO EC those areas where could be consolidation or harmonization among the RIR.

PW said that both were underway. PW confirmed that PR sent him the current status. PW said that both actions need to be handed to the legal team,

New Action Item 160419-01. OR to contact Elise Gerich (IANA) to provide content for Annex A for the SLA.

OR said this was under discussion.

Status Open

New Action Item 160419-02 OR to contact to CRISP Team chairs to coordinate a joint announcement declaring the CRISP Team closed.

Discussed as part of the agenda

Status Open.

New Action Item 160419-03 PR to send to the NRO EC the list of outstanding issues in the development of the RIR governance matrix

PR confirmed he sent it to PW. PR agreed to send it to the NRO EC.

Status Open

Action Item 160316-01 OR to ask Elise Gerich regarding the IANA communications to any technical coordination list about special allocations to the IETF that could be used by the RIR to inform their communities.

Action reopen after OR clarified this was still pending

Status Open

6. CG / Input Consultation

GV said that the RSCG is preparing a report to be delivered about the results of their face-to-face meeting in LACNIC meeting.

GV reported that the ASO AC had a meeting to discuss the results of the interview phase for the selection of seat 10 of the 2016 ICANN Board. GV explained that the ASO AC had one week of online deliberations before they start the voting phase on May 18th. GV added that there was a possibility to have a second round in case none of the candidates reach the simple majority of the votes casted.

7 Next Meetings

a) Teleconference Scheduled Tuesday June 17th

b) Next f2f meeting RIPE Meeting

c) ICANN HEL f2f Meeting

PW suggested reserving a time for a NRO EC meeting in RIPE Meeting in case is required.

JC reminded that at least for ARIN is important to have advanced coordinate for NRO EC f2f meeting as he needs to facilitate the participation of the ARIN Board member observer.


No other topics were discussed.

9 Adjourn

OR adjourned the meeting at 12:15 PM UTC.

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