Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 151117

Minutes of the NRO EC Teleconference held on Tuesday November 17th 2015 at 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC Chair
Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC Secretary
John Curran (JC) ARIN Treasurer
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC
Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC


Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC

German Valdez (GV) NRO

Draft Agenda NRO EC November 17th 2015

0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Review Minutes
3. Review Open Actions
4. CG input/Consultation
5. IANA Transition Status
6. Revising ICANN Mission
7. Relationship with ICANN VP Technical Engagement
8. ICANN Technical Group
9. RPKI TA structure
10. RIR Accountability Review Status
11. Next Meeting
a) Teleconference Schedule Tuesday December 15th
12. AOB
13. Adjourn

0. Welcome

AP welcomed all participants and started the meeting at 11:05 AM UTC

1. Agenda Review

After AP consultation no topics were added to the draft agenda.

2. Review Minutes

GV said that there were some pending minute approvals of previous meetings but he would follow up with the NRO EC members

3. Review Open Actions

New Action Item 151113-01 AP to draft an email informing the CRISP Team they would be in stand by until request of the NRO EC.

Status: Pending

New Action Item 151113-02 AP once the CCWG proposal is received to send a note to the ASO AC informing them that the NRO EC would take the approval process.

Status: Pending

New Action Item 151113-03 PW to draft a set of expectations in the relationship between the NRO with ICANN VP Technical Communication Engagement.

Status: Completed


Action Item 141018-03: PACG to include Governing Board Structure, Budget and Activity Approval, Fee Approval and Bylaw/Operational Document Control information to the RIR Governance Matrix.

Status: Pending

Action Item 141018-04: PACG based on the RIR Governance Matrix propose to the NRO EC those areas where could be consolidation or harmonization among the RIR.

Status: Pending


New Action Item: 150821-01: GV to compile a list of URL pointing to RIR strategic plans and publish them in the NRO website.

Status: In progress

4. CG/Input/Consultation

As the teleconference took place during RIPE NCC meeting no CCG leaders were able to join the call.

5. IANA Transition Status

AP reported that he had an informal conversation with Elise Gerich during RIPE NCC meeting and she expected to respond formally to the third version of the SLA by the end of week.

6. Revising ICANN Mission

PW mentioned that the last version of new proposed ICANN mission statement still included the word “coordination” in reference of ICANN role for the Internet numbers community. PW reminded that the IAB proposal suggested removing the word “coordination”.

OR considered that the change is important as at least two out of three communities are against the term.

AB agreed in removing the word coordination as this implies too much power to ICANN.

JC said that relevant changes in the ICANN Mission statement should take time for proper consideration of the community. JC said that by having only 14 days for discussion the NRO EC could consider minimum changes to the mission statement.

PW mentioned that the possibility of substantial changes have been open by the CCWG recommendations report on the ICANN mission statement. PW said that recommendation number 5 from the CCWG report suggests that ICANN role for the protocol and numbers should be clarified and updated. PW suggested aligning the RIR position with the IAB and reiterating and supporting IAB recommendation.

JC said that he had no objection in reiterate the RIR position. JC added that it would be prudent to have it on record.

AB and AP agreed in the approach.

7. Relationship with ICANN VP Technical Engagement

PW reminded of the email sent to the NRO EC listing engagement activities between the RIRs and ICANN, via the VP for Technical Communication Engagement (Adiel Akplogan)

JC agreed to review the list of activities.

AP invited to check the list and comment on it back to the EC list.

8. ICANN Technical Expert Group

PW asked to the NRO EC about the interest to appoint a RIR representative to the ICANN Technical Expert Group. PW said that the ECG Chair or someone else from the ECG could participate of the group.

JC clarified that the group advises ICANN on strategy and operational matters. JC said that as some advises are number related the NRO could be involved.

PW said that the RIR/NRO participation in this group could help to clarify the expectations in the relationship with ICANN. PW added that Adiel role could help to stabilize communication and expectations with ICANN.

JC agreed with PW. JC said that the role of the Technical Expert Group seem more strategic and political so he suggested to appoint a NRO EC representative instead that a ECG member.

PW said that this group is an extension of the technical liaison group included in the ICANN bylaws in order to do something useful and functional.

JC asked PW if he would be able to represent the EC

PW confirmed that he was available and willing to represent the NRO EC in the ICANN Technical Group.

JC suggested asking Adiel how to appoint a member to this group.

All agreed.

9. RPKI TA Structure

JC advised that ARIN Board would review in January the way they are handling the RPKI services.

AB said that an alternative option would be to start with the simple model and eventually migrate to the pure model.

PW said that the ECG has a preference for the simple model. PW agreed that could be an interim choice and change the model when the time comes.

AP stated his preference for the pure model. AP was open to the possibility to start with the simple model but making a statement that the pure model is the one to move in some point.

AP suggested reviewing the proposal and discussing it with the ECG representatives. AP suggested putting back the topic in the next meeting.

JC agreed. JC said that coordination is necessary among the RIR. JC added that the NRO EC should be very careful in providing a reliable RPKI service in the whole RIR system.

10. RIR Accountability Review Status

JC suggested making a global public statement about the work done so far by the RIR on the accountability review status. JC suggested that each RIR submit their summaries to the legal firm in ARIN.

AP said that each RIR should decide what could be informed to the community.

AB said that in the case of AFRINIC they could report they started the review and they are currently addressing some of the issues discover.

AP reminded that there is no particular timeline to complete the task. AP suggested advancing in the project and reviewing it in December considering the AFRINIC case.

JC agreed to have a collated report by the end of the year.

11. Next Meeting

AP confirmed that next meeting would be on December 15th

JC advised that he would be unreachable by that day. JC said that Nate Davis would be running ARIN business in his absence.

12. AOB

No news items were added to the meeting

13. Adjourn

AP adjourned the meeting at 12:05 PM UTC.

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