APNIC Community Selects New Members to the ASO AC / NRO NC

As part of APNIC 38 in Brisbane, Australia, the APNIC community elected Dr Ajay Kumar as a representative of the Asia Pacific Region to the ASO AC/NRO NC. Dr Kumar will replace Naresh Ajwani who served in the Address Council from 2009. Dr Kumar’s term will begin on January 1st 2015 and end on December 31st 2016.

In the same meeting, APNIC Executive Council Chair, Maemura Akinori, announced the extension of Aftab Siddiqui’s term in the ASO AC by one year. Aftab has served in the ASO AC since January 1st 2014 as the appointed member of the APNIC Executive Council. Aftab’s new term will conclude on December 31st 2015.

More information on the APNIC ASO AC/NRO NC selection process


Last modified on 27/10/2015