Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 130224


February 24, 2013
Singapore 11:45 AM Local Time.

Executive Council Attendees:

Chairman: Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC
Secretary: Adiel Akplogan (AA) AFRINIC
Treasurer: Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Member: Raul Echeberria (RE) LACNIC
Member: John Curran (JC) ARIN


Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Arturo Servin (AS) LACNIC
Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Anne-Rachel Inné (AR) AFRINIC


Guylaine Mootoo (GM) AFRINIC Recording Secretary

Matters Arising:

A formal meeting of the NRO EC was carried out after the Retreat at 11:45 am (Singapore Time) to review the list of Actions Items collated so far during the Retreat and to take decisions on important issues as discussed on the 24 February 2013.

1.0 Review of Actions Items pursuant to Retreat

A first draft list of Action Items were collated and circulated to the EC by Pablo Hinojosa for review and discussion.

The EC agreed to move forward with the Action Items as listed below.

Action Item 130224-01: PW to draft general comments and observations of the NRO to the I* Leaders group about the I* Leaders meeting for future considerations.

Action Item 130224-02: A multi-disciplinary IPv6 Task Force to be created with Nate Davis from ARIN as initial Chairman. (Motion proposed by JC and seconded by RE) Nate Davis will be responsible for the launching of the NRO IPv6 Task Force, finding the right members in each of the RIRs, helping them to define its Terms of Reference and coordinating with the other I* organizations. The IPv6 Task Force to include staff from technical, communications and public affairs areas.

Action Item 130224-03: The ECG to produce/provide/compile relevant materials with respect to the IPv6 Task Force, to be presented at the next ITU/WTPF in May 2013, in collaboration with other I* organisations.

Action Item 130224-04: JC to circulate his draft document and summarized proposal on the review of RFC2050 within a week on the NRO EC mailing list. The EC to take further action as appropriate.

Action Item 130224-05: APNIC with the Agreement of the EC to propose a contract to German Valdez for the position of NRO Executive Secretary..

Action Item 130224-06: The NRO EC to formally communicate to the different Coordination Groups and other collaborators the appointment of German Valdez as NRO Executive Secretary as soon a contract is signed.

Action Item 130224-07: AP to investigate and find someone to take the leadership for a continuous inter-RIR overall coordination of RPKI projects

Action Item 130224-08: RE to work and propose an updated NRO time line to complete RPKI deployment and define future evolution of the project including single Trust Anchor.

Action Item 130224-09: The CCG to add a reference on the NRO website for contribution to the IGF, whereby the public, members and other stakeholders are informed that they can also donate and how they can proceed.

Action Item 130224-10: The CCG to post the results of different RIRs customer satisfaction surveys on the NRO website.

Action Item 130224-11: The PACG to explore and propose possible topics for a global NRO campaign.

Action Item 130224-12: The PACG to have a teleconference call and discuss on the enhanced cooperation between each RIRs, brainstorm on what other RIRs are doing and what the community think about the activities.

Action Item 130224-13: The CFOs to handle the quality of the NRO operations and to consider RIR best practices document, especially with regards to quality of service and business continuity.

Action Item 130224-14: RE to correspond with the IETF Chair and arrange for a meeting prior to or during IETF87 in Berlin,

Action Item 130224-15: AP and/or other EC member to attend the IETF meeting in Berlin and the NRO to substantiate the position to be carried forward.

Action Item 130224-16: The Chair, PW, to send a message to the CEO of ICANN on NRO-ICANN relation/coordination and schedule a meeting with ICANN management in Beijing accordingly.

Action Item 130224-17: The CCG to draft a preliminary response to the CWG consultation and the PACG to review as appropriate.

Action Item 130224-18: The NRO EC to nominate Cathy Handley and Andres Piazza to serve in the CSTD Working Group.

Action Item 130224-19: The NRO EC to send a letter to the ITU in follow up of the previous contact related to cooperative agreement.

2.0 Formal Decision / Resolution

2.1 NRO Incorporation

Resolution [130224-01]:
In line with discussion during the retreat a motion proposed by JC, Seconded by AP, to defer the NRO Incorporation to be and revisited in 2015 pending the output of the Internet Governance activities over that period. Abstention RE

2.2 Executive Secretary

Resolution [130224-02] :
The NRO EC decided to appoint German Valdez to the position of Executive Secretary as per discussion held during the Retreat 23 February 2013. Motion proposed by JC and approved by all CEOs.

2.3 Contribution to the IGF

Resolution [130224-03] :
The NRO EC approved the contribution of USD 100 000 to the IGF. The PACG to look into the best way to send the fund, either through the Secretariat or the host, before public announcement of the NRO EC commitment to the IGF. Motion proposed by JC and approved by all CEOs.

2.4 Registration Services Coordination Group

Resolution [130124-04] :
The NRO EC agreed to formally create the Registration Services Coordination Group with Leslie Nobile as Chair and the group to create a Charter and Budget accordingly. The rotation for the Chair to restart in 2014 with Leslie Nobile as Vice- Chair.

3.0 AOB

3.1 Next NRO EC Retreat meeting

The EC agreed to schedule the next NRO EC Retreat on Monday, 30 September 2013 and Tuesday 01 October 2013 in Montevideo, Uruguay, before the I* Leaders meeting on the 02 – 03 October 2013. The Retreat to start midday on Monday and formal meeting on Tuesday.

3.2 Next NRO EC Teleconference

The next NRO EC Teleconference is scheduled on the 19 March 2013 as per the Calendar of Meetings. RE informed that he may be traveling on this date and the other EC members may not be available too. PW requested the Secretariat to do a doodle poll to check the availability of the EC for a meeting on the 19 March 2013, if

3.3 Recording of meetings

The Chairman, PW, apprised that it was good to have formal records of the meeting proceedings for quick recap at the end, but all the draft notes and recordings should be deleted afterwards for confidentiality and avoid leakage.

4.0 Adjournment

The Chair, PW, thanked all the EC members present in Singapore and their participation during the Retreat. Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm (Singapore Time)

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