Memorandum of Understanding Signed

Signed of the NRO Memorandum of Understanding

The documents were signed by the RIR CEOs, Axel Pawlik (RIPE NCC), Raúl Echeberría (LACNIC), Ray Plzak (ARIN) and Paul Wilson (APNIC) during the ARIN Member Meeting in Chicago.

After considering all comments received, the RIR Boards have developed a further revision of the proposed NRO MoU, as shown below.

This document has been signed by the RIR CEOs during the ARIN members meeting in Chicago, USA, at 0900 24 October 2003 (local time).

The RIR Boards would like to stress that they will continue working together with the community to refine the NRO’s functioning.

More information can be found in the Number Resource Organization (NRO) FAQ.

NRO Memorandum of Understanding

Last modified on 26/11/2010