Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 120410


10 April 2012

Executive Council Attendees:

  • Chairman: John Curran, JC CHAIR (ARIN)
  • Treasurer: Adiel Akplogan, AA (AFRINIC)
  • Members: Axel Pawlik, AP (RIPE NCC), Raul Echeberria, ER (LACNIC) – absent


  • Secretary: Paul Wilson, PW (APNIC)


  • German Valdez (APNIC)
  • Samantha Marks (APNIC)


  • Akinori Maemura, AM (APNIC)
  • Arturo Servin, AS (LACNIC)
  • Hartmut Glaser, HG (LACNIC)
  • Nate Davis, ND (ARIN)
  • Pablo Hinojosa, PH (APNIC)
  • Scott Bradner, SB (ARIN )
  • Susan Hamlin, SH (ARIN)
  • Cathy Handley, CH (ARIN)
  • Leslie Nobile, LN (ARIN)
  • Mark Kosters, MK (ARIN)

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

The Chair started the meeting at 11:10 UTC. PH represented APNIC, as PW was not present.

The following items would be added to the agenda:

NRO Budget approval
IGF workshop approval

2. Approval of previous Minutes

All approved the previous minutes, except for RE who was not present and abstained.

3. Review Action Items

Action Item 111115-02: RSMs. Review free space smaller than /16 for redistribution, and provide recommendation to NRO EC.

Action Open. LN to redistribute report and recommendations

Action Item 111220-02: JC To elaborate a letter for ITU-T and ITU-D secretaries to conduct a meeting to discuss coordination and capacity building activities.

Action Closed. The Chair prepared and sent the letter, awaiting response.

Action Item 120117-02: JC to draft cover letter and submit to EC for sign-off, before sending the ASO Review Report to ICANN.

Action Closed. Report sent to ICANN, posted for public comment, EC to discuss recommendations

Action Item 120117-03: NRO EC to review and approve 2012 CCG work plan, before the Mauritius face-to-face meeting

Action Closed based on agenda discussion

Action Item 120117-05: Chair to correspond with PACG about to consider and make recommendations on how to it would engage and work with ISOC regarding WCIT.

Action Closed (new action created) CH suggested more context was needed for this action, as seemed that coordination was working well. JC and RE agreed that communications, which have occurred, do not imply good coordination and that this was missing. The Chair suggested the PACG advise EC on improved coordination with ISOC regarding WCIT statements and/or positions and a general engagement plan.

New Action item: 120410-01: CH to liaise with PACG to provide brief summary of how it engages w/ ISOC re: WCIT

Action item 120222-01: JC Alert ICANN of the NRO review process and provide them with a report for public comment.

Action Closed.

Action item 120222-02: AP to write script for ICANN in Costa Rica of NRO position on the global trust anchor.

Action Closed. JC presented at ICANN, he remains optimistic about RPKI, which needs full support of community to be effective.

Action item 120222-03: AP to work with ECG on a RPKI Plan

Action Open. AP and RE met briefly with ECG following ICANN meeting, asked for them to provide a clearer position on RPKI. AP suggested the Global Trust Anchor needs regional community push. RE suggested a road map without commitments to find some common position among the RIR communities.

New Action item: 120410-02: RE to prepare draft RPKI Direction Statement for consideration by RIRs

Action item 120222-04: PW to amend text in travel policy to provide added travel organizational flexibility. Action for PW.

Action Open.

Action item 120222-05: CH to submit PW and CH nominations to WTPF before March 9th.

Action Closed.

Action item 120222-12: PW to update the NRO website with XCG Chair relevant policies and update mailing lists.

Action Open.

4. Process for developing NRO Recommendations on ASO Review Report

The ASO Review Report open comment period closed 6 April. No comments were received. The EC now has 21 days to reply with final recommendations.

New Action item: 120410-03: APNIC to prepare an initial draft (bullet points) of NRO recommendations for the ASO Review Report. All to provide input to APNIC asap.

5. Determining coverage for IPv6 Group meeting in Geneva

The next ITU IPv6 Working Group meeting will occur in Geneva on 12 June. It was decided that a small delegation of one or two RIR representatives, would attend. CH suggested it would bet better to not ‘over represent’ and that she was planning to attend.

6. Timing/coordination of return to IANA of recovered IPv4 address space

The Chair suggested that any returned space would not have much effect on the operations of any RIR. Messaging on this issue is pending ratification of global policy. In the meantime, all RIRs would keep each other informed when returning space.

7. IPv6 Survey email

There is currently USD 20,000 allocated for the survey, which might not meet Maarten’s current proposal.

New Action item: 120410-04: AA to discuss cost of survey contribution with Maarten, report back to EC

8. 2012 NRO expense allocation formula

NRO expense allocation was discussed in the previous call. RE was not present in that discussion and raised concerns over the revisions.

RE suggested the contributions from the RIRs should be based on a simple income formula. The Treasurer suggested if an IP-based formula is used, that formula should consider IPv6 as well as IPv4.

The Chair suggested throwing out the new revisions and consulting the CFOs on a revenue-based formula and in the meantime to continue using the 2011 formula.

New Action item: 120410-05: Treasurer to ask for report from CFOs on expected expenses for each RIR under current distribution formula, to be discussed at next call

9. NRO EC face-to-face meeting

The location of the 5-6 Sept I* meeting has not yet been confirmed, but may be a good opportunity to work with those dates if a suitable location is found. There was general agreement to invite the PACG to join the NRO face-to-face meeting to give an update.

New Action item 120410-06: APNIC to suggest dates for a face- to-face meeting, including PACG, as the I* is in proximity to APNIC 34 in Phnom Penh, report back to EC

10. CCG Report and 2012 CCG Work Plan Approval

The revised 2012 CCG work plan was submitted with questions about translations and campaign messaging for future consideration, including IPv6 Launch Day, inter-RIR transfers, and returned address space.

At this time, there are no actions for the CCG. Regarding translations, PW had earlier suggested the relevant RIRs should take responsibility for translating materials as needed. Alternatively, the CCG could present materials to be considered for translation on a case by case basis. The revised Work Plan was approved, leaving as tentative the IPv6 Launch Day, provided coordination with ISOC will improve.

11. NRO 2012 Budget

The Chair reminded that 2012 NRO budget was pending for approval as RE still has to confirm his approval.

RE confirmed his approval for 2012 NRO.

The Chair declared the 2012 NRO budget approved.

12. IGF Workshop Approval

The Chair reminded that we have a deadline of April 20th to submit workshops for proposals for the next IGF. There are 2 workshops that have been circulated in the list. AP and AA approved both workshops.

RE mentioned that he’d like to have more developing oriented workshops.

The Chair asked to submit comments by this Friday (April 13th) so the CCG and PACG consider those in their final NRO workshops proposal for the IGF.

13. Any Other Business

Based on PW suggestion, the NRO will seek a session about RPKI with GAC in ICANN meeting in Prague.

New Action item 120410-07: Chair to contact head of the GAC to conduct a RPKI report session in the next GAC meeting in Prague.

14. Adjournment

The call was adjourned at 13:07 UTC.

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