RIR Comparative Policy Overview 2010-02

RIR Comparative Policy Overview (version 2010-02) (version 2010-02) The goal of this document is to provide a comparative overview of policies across the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system. It is not a policy statement by the RIRs, but serves as a reference for the Internet community. While this document was accurate on the date of publication (30 June 2010) it… Read More

NRO NC Call for Nominations – APNIC service region

Nominations now open for Number Resource Organization Number Council The nomination period for the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) opens today, 24 May 2010. The NC performs the role of the Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC). The term of Naresh Ajwani, who was elected to the NRO NC in January 2009, ends on 31 December 2010…. Read More