Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 061026

Teleconference , 11:12 UTC Executive Council Attendees: Raul Echeberria, Chair Adiel Akplogan, Member Axel Pawlik, Member Ray Plzak, Secretary Paul Wilson, Treasurer Other Attendees: Therese Colosi, Recording Secretary Susan Hamlin, Director of Member Services Ginny Listman, Director of Engineering Observers: Richard Jimmerson, ARIN German Valdez, LACNIC AGENDA 1. Welcome 2. Agenda Review 3. Approval of the Minutes 4. Communications Coordination… Read More

Call for Comments on IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions

IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their Pros and Cons This document attempts to address all the IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their Pro’s and Con’s, put forward by the Internet Community as a collective. The use of this document is intended for the sole purpose of providing clarification of the IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their pro’s and con’s, in order to assist… Read More

RIR Comparative Policy Overview 2006-10

RIR Comparative Policy Overview (version 2006-10) (version 2006-10) The goal of this document is to provide a comparative overview of policies across the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system. It is not a policy statement by the RIRs, but serves as a reference for the Internet community. While this document was accurate on the date of publication (1 October 2006), it… Read More