NRO Comments to NTIA on ICANN

NRO Comments to NTIA on ICANN The NRO has submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which sought input on the transition of the technical coordination and management of the Internet DNS to the private sector. The NRO endorses the current model for coordinating the Internet domain name and addressing system and believes… Read More

Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 060712

Teleconference , 12:07 UTC Executive Council Attendees: Raul Echeberria, Chair Ray Plzak, Secretary Paul Wilson, Treasurer Other Attendees: Therese Colosi, Recording Secretary Observers: Ann Lord, APNIC Susan Hamlin, ARIN Richard Jimmerson, ARIN German Valdez, LACNIC Paul Rendeck, RIPE Absent: Axel Pawlik Adiel Akplogan AGENDA 1. Welcome 2. Agenda Review 3. NTIA Call for Comments 4. NRO Activities in Athens 5…. Read More

RIR Comparative Policy Overview 2006-07

RIR Comparative Policy Overview (version 2006-07) (version 2006-07) The goal of this document is to provide a comparative overview of policies across the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system. It is not a policy statement by the RIRs, but serves as a reference for the Internet community. While this document was accurate on the date of publication (1 July 2006), it… Read More