[IANA-RC] 2018 IANA Services Summary/Assessment

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Hi Richard,

I agree with the summary.



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Hello RC,

It was requested on our call today that a summarizing statement be added to the matrix. Here is a first draft of that text for your review and comment.


The Regional Internet Registry (RIR) staff have reviewed the IANA performance reports for 2018 and confirm that the Service Level Agreements (SLA) were met 100% of the time in all cases. It is noted that the IPv4 unicast requests in March and September were automatic allocations made to the RIRs in accordance with the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA. These allocations were executed as expected with no issues to note. The three AS number requests submitted during the months of August and December fully met the expectations of the RIRs and were executed within the agreed to terms of our SLA with no issues to note. The RIRs recognize the flawless execution of IANA services in 2018.​


Warm regards,

-Richard Jimmerson

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Happy New Year to all of you.

As a follow up to our last conference call, I have completed the attached draft performance summary for IANA services in 2018. Note that I have created the summary/assessment as an image that can easily be imported into a larger document.
I recall from our meeting in December that RIR staff agreed with the summaries that are published at iana.org and that we believed the SLAs were met 100% of the time in 2018. This continues to be true for ARIN. For my RIR staff colleagues, please check the attachment to confirm that it reflects your experience in 2018.
Let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like this provided in a different format. I am also happy to make any necessary edits.

Warm regards,


Richard Jimmerson

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