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Hi Jason,

On 17/01/2019 07:24, Jason Schiller wrote:
The web site looks awesome, but I can’t seem to find the following text on it. Can you tell me where this text moved to?

“The Review Committee’s function is to advise and assist the NRO EC in its periodic review of the service level of the IANA Numbering Services provided to the Internet Number Community.

- This first part is online here: https://www.nro.net/accountability/operational/iana-numbering-services-review-committee/

The Review Committee is a tool for the Internet Number Community to evaluate and review performance of the IANA Numbering Services provided.  Review Committee will ensure community involvement and will support and enhance the multistakeholder model in a transparent, open, and bottom up process to ensure that the number resources component of the IANA operations meets the needs and expectations of its customers, namely the Internet numbers community.”

 - This second part seems to have been removed during one of our editing rounds on the new website, most likely in an effort to minimize the amount of text on the page. I can add it back in if you feel that it is necessary.





On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 8:57 PM Susannah Gray <susannah at apnic.net<mailto:susannah at apnic.net>> wrote:
Dear RC,

In the recent RC Teleconference, the following action item was assigned:

NEW ACTION ITEM 181219-02: Secretariat to ensure that email and details
regarding comments on the RC Report are visible on the IANA RC pages on
the NRO website.

Details of the 2017 report were already online at:

However, I've done a bit of reshuffling and added a new 'starter' page
to the IANA RC section so that all (future) reports can be collated in
one place and are easier to find:



Susannah Gray
NRO Secretariat Support

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