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Hello Nurani

I agree with your proposal.


On 28/11/2017 12:48 PM, Nurani Nimpuno wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> At our last call, the question of a minimum notice before meetings are called came up. 
> This first year has of course been a little different as we have used the year to organise ourselves, write our operating procedures and set our time schedule for our report. 
> I anticipate that we will need very little of this type of work in the coming years, as the main task of the Review Committee is to simply review the performance of the IANA Numbering Services as outlined in the SLA. The timeline for our work will most likely be very predictable. 
> Therefore, I propose that we set four fixed dates for the RC to meet throughout the year, which can be published and announced at the start of the year. If we need schedule any additional meetings, we can of course do so, and I propose we do so with at least two weeks' notice.    
> As we have agreement on our operating procedures, I suggest that we leave that document as it is, but work according to these guidelines.
> I would like to hear your thoughts on this approach.
> Kind regards,
> Nurani
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