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Tue Nov 28 14:36:10 CET 2017

Great approach - I fully agree.


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>Dear colleagues,
>At our last call, the question of a minimum notice before meetings are
>called came up. 
>This first year has of course been a little different as we have used the
>year to organise ourselves, write our operating procedures and set our
>time schedule for our report.
>I anticipate that we will need very little of this type of work in the
>coming years, as the main task of the Review Committee is to simply
>review the performance of the IANA Numbering Services as outlined in the
>SLA. The timeline for our work will most likely be very predictable.
>Therefore, I propose that we set four fixed dates for the RC to meet
>throughout the year, which can be published and announced at the start of
>the year. If we need schedule any additional meetings, we can of course
>do so, and I propose we do so with at least two weeks' notice.
>As we have agreement on our operating procedures, I suggest that we leave
>that document as it is, but work according to these guidelines.
>I would like to hear your thoughts on this approach.
>Kind regards,
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