[IANA-RC] Minutes and Open Actions 17 November 2017 IANA RC Teleconference

German Valdez german at apnic.net
Mon Nov 20 02:05:02 CET 2017


For your perusal, I’m attaching minutes and list of open actions of last week teleconference.

New Action Items 

NEW ACTION ITEM 20171117-01: Secretariat to upload the IANA Review Committee Operating Procedures to the website.

NEW ACTION ITEM 20171117-02: NN and FY to draft a report template by 1 December and send to the RC for review. The RC will have one week to make comments. 

NEW ACTION ITEM 20171117-03: All to comment on the draft RC Report template within one week after receiving it. 

NEW ACTION ITEM 20171117-04: NN to send a proposed timeline for drafting the RC report and options for gathering community comments to the RC list. 

NEW ACTION ITEM 20171117-05: Secretariat to send out a Doodle poll for the next (tentative) RC meeting in January/February.



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