[IANA-RC] Draft IANA Review Committee procedures

Nurani Nimpuno nurani at nimblebits.net
Thu Mar 30 12:24:14 CEST 2017

Dear all,

Thanks all for your active contribution. 
Let me attempt to help resolve any remaining issues in this document. 

> On 28 Mar 2017, at 17:21, Douglas Onyango <ondouglas at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Filiz,
> On 28 March 2017 at 14:11, Filiz Yilmaz <koalafil at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Either way, as it stands now, I do not agree with your suggested change on
>> this. And if the agreement I thought we reached during the meeting at
>> Copenhagen will be changed on this, then it should be changed by support
>> from others too. I have not heard enough support from others.
> My contribution, like all others contributions, should be treated as a
> suggestions. If it lucks support, I will not push it any further.
> The RC is supposed to work via consensus.

As agreed at the lat meeting, Jason and I will reach out to the NRO EC (and RIR staff) to come up with some good timelines. We will take that back to the group for review and hopefully it will be a timeline that works for everyone! 

>>> When I was suggesting edits, this is exactly what I had in mind. 80%
>>> vote is practical once the voting is detached from meetings.
>>> Mechanisms like electronic voting provide just what we need to
>>> engender this level of participation.
>> I am not sure I understand what you mean here.
>> Are you suggesting we vote electronically for everything and take no
>> decisions during meetings?
>> If so, I object again:
> No, I am not suggesting this. My suggestion was limited to major
> decisions -- in this case changing RC Procedure. The rest of the
> decisions will continue to be reached via consensus, as specified in
> the Charter.

Just to seek clarifications on the various positions here: 
Filiz, are you advocating that the operating procedures can be changed simply through consensus in the group? 
And Douglas, are you advocating that the operating procedures only can be changed through an 80% majority vote?

If so, do others care to comment on this?

All the best,

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