[IANA-RC] Minutes and Open Actions List - IANA RC 2nd Meeting

German Valdez german at nro.net
Wed Mar 15 19:06:40 CET 2017

Dear RC

I’m attaching minutes of today teleconference for your perusal



NEW ACTION ITEM 20170315-01: JS and NN to discuss the production date of the report with the NRO EC for their decision and then share this with the RC.
NEW ACTION ITEM 20170315-02: JS and NN to amend the length of the Chair’s and Co-Chair’s term, noting that if there is a change before the end of the term, the new Chair or Co-Chair will serve for the balance of that term – 2.1.5 and 2.1.6.
NEW ACTION ITEM 20170315-03: Committee to review the proceedings and provide comments for two weeks.
NEW ACTION ITEM 20170315-04 ND and RC staff members to track status of the production of the performance standard metrics and provide regular updates.
NEW ACTION ITEM 20170315-05 – FY to look how community engagement can be included in the operating procedures with a light touch (that it will come naturally as being members of the RC).

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