[IANA-RC] receiving community comments

Louie Lee louie at louie.net
Wed Mar 15 12:48:33 CET 2017

With the goal of setting up a mechanism to collect community comments,
these are the goals I'm capturing in our meeting:

   1. A mailbox for collecting community comments
   2. The messages would be publicly displayed so that:
   1. the commenters can confirm that each comment has been received, and
      2. it is easy to collate and publish the comments later in the report
   3. The comments are not meant to be a community discussion list.

While these goals can be accomplished via a mailing list, I think that it
would be useful to display the comments in a way that is not in the typical
mailing list archive format. I would think that we wouldn't want to set the
expectation that there is a mailing list that can be subscribed to for a
full email discussion.

And it **might** be useful for the RC members also receive each comment in
our mailbox to ease searches with the members individually subscribed to
this comment list.

If someone has a better suggestion for receiving, displaying, and collating
comments, please speak up. I'm simply recognizing that a mailing list
engine is a familiar backend tool to help us with this.

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