[IANA-RC] Draft Agenda 15 March Meeting

Nate Davis ndavis at arin.net
Tue Mar 7 16:45:38 CET 2017

This is acceptable to me.

Thanks German.

On 3/7/17, 10:28 AM, "rc-bounces at nro.net on behalf of German Valdez"
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>Please could we agree in a draft agenda for the coming IAN RC meeting in
>ICANN 58.
>Here is a proposal for your review
>0. Welcome
>1. Rol Call
>2. Review Open Actions
>3. IANA Performance Report (presented by RC RIR community members)
>4. Internal Operational Procedures
>5. Community Engagement
>6. Next Meeting
>7. AOB
>8. Adjourn
>It¹d be great to include it in the invitation email for this meeting.
>Given the time  constraint I will send an initial invitation tomorrow
>(one week in advance)
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