[IANA-RC] Minutes 1st IANA RC Teleconference

Jason Schiller jschiller at google.com
Mon Mar 6 17:39:46 CET 2017

Please amend the sentence from:
"JS reminded that the scope of the IANA RC is limited to an advisory role to
the RIR."
"JS reminded that it is clear that the output of the IANA RC is limited to
an advise to the RIR."

Also a question...

It seems there is a lot of overlap between the RC and the ASO AC and the
work is somewhat complementary.
For example we had a discussion of additional f2f meetings for the ASO AC
due to percieved work load of the RC.
Would it he helpful to clearly distinguish ASO AC action items from RC
action items by have a distinguishing prefix
such as Action Item RC-170215004?


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> Dear Review Committee
> I’m attaching minutes of the 1st IANA RC teleconference for your perusal.
> Regards
> German
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