[IANA-RC] Draft Review Process

Nurani Nimpuno nurani at nimblebits.net
Fri Mar 3 04:01:58 CET 2017

Dear all,

In an attempt to move forward on defining scope and processes for this group, I have drafted a proposed Review Process below. I believe this reflects the intention of the CRISP proposal.

Given that there are only ~3 requests per year in total for all RIRs, and that we have a history of 20+ years of stable services that the RIRs have been satisfied with, I believe it does not have to be more complicated than this. 

Happy to discuss any details of this. (The timing, such as September every year, and 30 days comment period, are merely suggestions. Feel free to suggest adjustments to these as you see fit.)

Kind regards,

Nurani Nimpuno

Review Process
The RIRs will publish an IANA numbering services review matrix in September every year, summarising the RIR’s review of the performance of the IANA numbering services in the last year. This review matrix gets submitted to the Review Committee who passes it on to the five respective RIR communities for a public comment period of 30 days. The Review Committee gathers input and comments from the five RIR communities, which it reviews and summarises. The Review Committee compiles a final report on the review matrix, with the summarised input appended, which it publishes and submits to the NRO EC as advice.

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