[IANA-RC] Draft Agenda for 1st IANA RC Teleconference

German Valdez german at nro.net
Wed Feb 8 14:39:31 CET 2017

Based on Jason and Douglas feedback could we agree in the below agenda?

Personally, I think it’s quite ambitious so I would allocate 2 hours. 

Comments/suggestions are welcomed

0. Agenda Review
1. roll call
2. discussion of minutes/notes/recording
3. Leadership of the team
4. Review of charter
    4.1 Questions of understanding about charter
5. Discussion of high level role and procedures
    5.1 Document areas of agreement
    5.2 Document areas of disagreement
6. Organizational structure
    6.1 document proposed structure
    6.2 document objections to proposed structure
    6.3 process for organizational role selection
7. Discussion of detailed procedures
   7.1 list of procedures needed
   7.2 rough details of each procedure (not specific text)
       7.2.1 document areas of agreement
       7.2.2 document areas of dis-agreement
       7.2.3 discuss possible conflicts with charter and need for re-charting
     All meetings via teleconference
8. Meeting schedule and next meeting dates.
9. Review decisions made, decisions pending, action items
10. Any other business


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