[NRO-IANAXFER] Thanks, and comments on the second draft proposal

Paul Wilson pwilson at apnic.net
Mon Jan 12 15:44:25 CET 2015

Dear Izumi, and all on the CRISP Team,

First, thanks sincerely for your work in producing this response to the ICG RFP on behalf of the numbers community.  It has been a huge task I know, on a tight timeframe and at a particularly challenging time of year for many ICG members.  I do hope that your incredible efforts will be rewarded with a successful outcome, but in any case you all deserve the thanks of the RIR communities for your dedication and hard work.

Second, I have a set of suggestions provided as revisions in a Word document which is available via Dropbox here:


(The original source was converted from PDF, so I’m afraid that the formatting has been lost, but I think the revisions and explanatory comments are clear enough.)

My main aim here is to propose consistent terminology for the sets of IANA resources, services and registries which are of relevance to the proposal.  I found that the current draft document uses a lot of different wordings for the various IANA services and registries, which could make it hard to be sure that the same things are being referred to.  My main aim here is to make the ICG’s task as easy as possible, in interpreting the document easily and clearly.

In addition to these changes, I have made a small number of other suggested edits, all relatively minor, including a few typos.  I’m happy to further explain any that aren’t clear.

I’ve not suggested any changes to the essence of the proposal, which I do support.

With best regards and thanks again,


Paul Wilson, Director-General, APNIC                      <dg at apnic.net>
http://www.apnic.net                                     +61 7 3858 3100

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