[NRO-IANAXFER] Internet Number Community IANA Stewardship Proposal: Final Call for Comments

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> As I've pointed out before, the top-level IP address block allocations
> published on the IANA web site have not always been up to date.  At
> 016/8 is still shown as allocated to Digital Equipment Corporation, when
> fact it has been transferred to Hewlett Packard, as correctly shown in the
> ARIN WHOIS, see:

Well one could argue that the particular case you referenced is legacy and
respective RIRs are the ones that manages the record information for those
spaces. In some RIRs some paying community members still wonder why such
services is provided for free to legacy holders at the expense of paying
members (which is beyond the scope of discussion here)

> Given that correct allocation information is found in the RIR WHOIS, I
> that some explanation is needed regarding the value-added of the present
> IANA function, and how continuing it contributes to stability.
I would agree something is indeed wrong if you refer me to a RIR allocated
prefix that is not up to date, otherwise I would say they are doing their
job well. Nevertheless I agree that ICANN's role on number can be
comfortably replaced without any major issue on stability, I think looking
at IANA function as a whole is where risk of stability can be envisaged;
It's still much better and neater (?) to run the 3 main functions together.
The other reason is to maintain some level of structural hierarchy hence
why any new RIR establishment also involves ICANN (the last "N" has a
purpose you know ;) )

Overall and i think the most important of them all is that everything is
working fine at the moment and I don't reason any reason to justify a move
at the moment


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