[NRO-IANAXFER] Internet Number Community IANA StewardshipProposal: Final Call for Comments

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Fri Jan 9 19:32:06 CET 2015

On Jan 9, 2015, at 10:26 AM, Richard Hill <rhill at hill-a.ch> wrote:
> Dear John,
> Thank you for this detailed response.  The detail of the arbitration clause
> is only one of the missing details.
> As I said before, I know a bit about arbitration, so, in my view, saying "we
> will use arbitration" is not sufficient. There are many forms of
> arbitration, some of which are not suitable.  I did indicate suitable
> choices: ICC arbitration in Geneva, Paris, London, Vienna, Stockholm, or
> Bermuda.

If you, as a community member, feel that IANA stewardship transition 
plan will not be successful unless the community takes a stand on a 
particular arbitration mechanism, then it is incumbent upon you to 
present your preferred position and rationale for its inclusion to 
the community...  To date, that has been (and remains) quite lacking.


John Curran
President and CEO

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