[NRO-IANAXFER] Draft proposal differences

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 14:59:01 CET 2014

Dear Chair CRISP,

I sent the mail below 3days ago, relating to operational matters of CRISP,
I did not get an acknowledgement, neither have i received any response
indicating what step have been taken to address my concern OR if there are
existing measures put in place initially do kindly let me know what it is.

On a related note, i also sent in another request today which is also
pending your response.

My hope is that the CRISP team will endeavour to interact with this
community and not just with themselves.


On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 6:35 AM, Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com>

> Dear crisp team,
> Thanks for all the effort so far, I just like to point a minor issue; I
> have seen 2 different urls to the draft proposal the one sent during the
> formal announcement and the one below:
> https://www.nro.net/wp-content/uploads/CRISP-IANA-PROPOSAL-First-Draft1.pdf
> So in future and in order to avoid confusion since the  document is not in
> redline format, I will suggest you endeavor to maintain a single url and
> try to indicate in the document what draft version is being presented.
> Regards
> sent from Google nexus 4
> kindly excuse brevity and typos.


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