[Iana-ipr] Proposed Process for Executing Agreements

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Wed Sep 28 13:37:11 CEST 2016


It's my understanding the parties are only exchanging signature pages.
Under US law and practice, this is the most common way to handle such
things, speaking from my experience.  "Counterparts" are always limited to
signature pages, in my experience.

I understand that in many jurisdictions it's standard practice (or even
required) to initial all pages of an agreement, but that's not the case in
the US, and these are US law documents.


On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, Alan Barrett <alan.barrett at afrinic.net>

> > On 28 Sep 2016, at 00:08, Jorge Contreras <contreraslegal at att.net
> <javascript:;>> wrote:
> >
> > I thought we already discussed the simultaneous signature by all and
> > exchange of PDF signature pages.  This method is fine under the
> agreements
> > and when we asked, nobody raised an objection under local law. So this
> > method would work and is better than scanning the same document multiple
> > times in succession.
> These documents collectively take up hundreds of pages.  Just the
> Community Agreement is 75 pages including all attached exhibits, or 13
> pages excluding the exhibits.
> Should I initial each of the 75 pages (including the exhibits), or initial
> each page excluding the exhibits, or just sign the signature page and not
> bother with initialing?
> Alan Barrett
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