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Confirming no objections from CWG to the text below and the agreement as a whole.


We also affirmed the naming community definition as well as the CCG reps / co-chair.







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Subject: [Iana-ipr] Effective date text


This is the text for consideration on Thursday:


This Agreement will become effective on the date (“Effective Date”) that the IANA functions contract between NTIA and ICANN ends or is terminated, provided that date occurs before February 1, 2017.  If such ending or termination has not occurred by February 1, 2017, this Agreement shall automatically terminate without further action of the Parties.  Except as provided in the preceding sentence, no Party shall have the right to revoke or terminate this Agreement prior to the Effective Date.    


In the event that the CWG finds consensus around this tomorrow, I have edited all of the agreements to reflect this (attached). I also deleted the word “Draft” in the header on the first page and updated the date, in case these become the final documents for approval tomorrow. I will circulate clean versions in a separate email.




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