[Iana-ipr] Revised Assignment and License Agreements

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Mon Sep 12 22:30:15 CEST 2016

Apologies for the slow turnaround on this.

They seem fine to me too. 

Would be good to get and additional OK from Lise and/or Greg if possible.




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Subject: [Iana-ipr] Revised Assignment and License Agreements


All - as discussed during this week's call, the IETF Trust and ICANN have
been resolving their remaining issues in the Assignment Agreement and
License Agreement.  I have attached for your review slightly modified
versions of these documents.  The changes are as follows:




Sec. 6.1 - indemnification term agreed at 3 years




Sec. 4.3.c - ICANN agrees to cover cost of ongoing enforcement actions
existing as of the Effective Date.


Sec. 7.4 - arbitration details resolved (3 arbitrators if parties cannot
agree on a single arbitrator; venue of arbitration to be NY)


Ex. D, Item 5 - clarify that use of 'IANA' as an entity name is permitted in
archived RFCs and other documents.


As discussed, if these changes are acceptable to the RIR and CWG, we will
post the above changes as public comments from the Trust.


Best regards,



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