[Iana-ipr] What's going into PTI?

Greg Shatan gregshatanipc at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 21:15:54 CET 2016

I'm curious to know the understanding of the RIRs and IETF about what is
going into PTI.  The ICANN Budget just posted for comment shows only the
"naming functions" going into PTI, while the "numbers functions" and
"protocol parameter functions" will remain within ICANN.

Since IANA staff is cross-functional, this means that the IANA staff will
be allocated in part to ICANN and in part to PTI based on what they do
(e.g., employee A will be 30% PTI, 70% ICANN and employee B will be 50%
PTI, 70% ICANN). As such, PTI would almost certainly have no full-time

Is this your understanding of the plan?


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