[Iana-ipr] Proposed Principal Terms of IANA Intellectual Property Agreements

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Tue Jun 14 13:36:57 CEST 2016

> On 9 Jun 2016, at 11:32, Lise Fuhr <Fuhr at etno.eu> wrote:
> Dear All,
> We sent this a week ago for your review and we think it would be good to have a call next week before the ICANN meeting in Helsinki. We would like to discuss the following issues:
> 1.       The advice from the different legal advisors
> 2.       How to implement and process the advice
> How is your availability next week, and how far are you in getting legal advice on the document?

My availability this week and next week is quite good.

The RIRs' legal team is generally comfortable with the document, but suggests having three licences for the parts of the AINA functions associated with the three operational communities, instead of just one licence.  All three licences would be in favour of ICANN or PTI, but having separate licences for the separate parts of the job might make it easier in the future if some subset of the operational communities decides to move to a different IANA operator.

Alan Barrett

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