[Iana-ipr] Call next week for IANA IPR

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Good points.

The primary purpose / intention of the meeting was to provide an opportunity
to discuss any trust related issues directly with those most familiar with
the trust i.e. trustees and legal advisors.

That said, once we have dealt with the above, there is no reason not to have
a form of general update as to where we are with the issues such as those
highlighted by Alan previously and Jari below.

Let's see if we can reasonably accommodate (time permitting) both of the


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> I didn't think that was the intention, but we don't actually have an 
> agenda.  Since I didn't call for the meeting I'm not sure what the 
> agenda ought to be, but given the late date I might suggest, "How do 
> we get this completed in time?" might be the main topic.  For that 
> reason, it might be helpful to have RIR people there if any can make 
> it, if only to try to get this all nailed down.


we might also start with

1. how to get to completion (maybe per alan's earlier writeup) 2. next steps
and issues for community agreements 3. next steps and issues for
icann->trust IPR transfer 4. next steps and issues for trust->pti IPR
license 5. aob


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