[Iana-ipr] Some IETF community participants, and how we make subscribers

Andrew Sullivan ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
Tue Jul 19 20:13:30 CEST 2016


In order to make things a little tidier, three IETF participants who
are _not_ IETF Trust members are going to participate in the
discussions about the community agreements &c.  This way, it will not
be the case that the protocol parameters community participants are
also members of the Trust with whom the agreement has to happen.  (I
guess obviously, this is a formal rather than practical distinction.
Nobody thinks that anyone involved with the Trust would undermine the
interests of any of the communities; and anyway, the whole idea of an
agreement between the Trust and the IETF is a little absurd.  But this
is not that different from the somewhat funny situation with PTI and
ICANN, and we're trying to keep the formalities as clean as possible
so that nobody has any ground for complaint later.)

Alissa Cooper and Russ Housley are already, I believe, members of this
list.  I don't know how to get them posting rights.

Ted Hardie (copied, ted.ietf at gmail.com) is the third IETF person
who'll be involved.  How do I get him subscribed with posting rights?

Alissa is an Area Director, and Russ and Ted are both IAB members.
This is on purpose: they're all subject to recall under the usual IETF
recall procedures for those positions.  This is to ensure some measure
of accountability.

They'll also fill in the Doodle for the call next week, & I hope
they'll be able to make it.


Andrew Sullivan
ajs at anvilwalrusden.com

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