[Iana-ipr] Notes from 27 January 2016

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> zOn 28 Jan 2016, at 6:31 AM, Alan Barrett <alan.barrett at afrinic.net> wrote:
> Notes from the IANA-IPR call of 27 January 2016
> Present:
> - Alan Barrett (NRO)
> - Nurani Nimpuno (CRISP)
> - Greg Shatan (CWG)
> - Lise Fuhr (CWG)
> - German Valdez (Secretariat)
> 1. In view of the limited attendance, there was agreement not to have a lengthy discussion.
> 2. There was agreement that the archives of this mailing list <iana-ipr at nro.net> are to be open to the public.

I can confirm the list has public access to the archives


> 3. Lise Fuhr reported that the CWG had confirmed (during a call on 21 January) that “functional neutrality” was sufficient, and that the IETF Trust was an acceptable holder of the IANA IPR.
> 4. Greg Shatan has shared a link to a google docs version of the draft principal terms document.  Alan Barrett had been unable to open the document.  Greg will share the link again.
> 5. We will discuss quorum requirements on the mailing list.  There was general agreement that at least one representative from each of the three communities should be present.

In order to propose the next teleconference time please could you confirm the representatives from each group

Numbers: Paul and Alan
CRISP: Izumi and Nurani
CWG Names: Lise and Jonathan
IETF: Jari
Greg Shatan? and Andrew Sullivan ?

Am I missing someone ?

Thanks for your help 

> 6. We will hold another call next week.  A doodle poll will be arranged for some time on 3, 4, or 5 February 2016.
> Alan Barrett



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