[Iana-ipr] Agenda for 29 Feb

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Mon Feb 29 06:40:47 CET 2016

Proposed agenda for the call on 29 February 2016

1. Review of changes agreed during the previous call.

1.1. Tentative acceptance of non-controversial edits.

Edits have been “accepted”.

1.2. Edits regarding right to sublicense rights to PTI.

Text has been edited.

1.3. Edits regarding regitrant, administrative contact, tech contact.

Text has been edited to say that the Trust should be the Registrant and Administrative Contact, and ICANN should be the Technical contact.

There’s still an open question about the administrative contact: Should it be ICANN or the Trust?

1.4. Edits regarding multiple approvals.

Text has been edited.

1.5. Edits regarding number of members of IIGC.

Text has been edited to say 3 members from each operational community.

1.6. Edits regarding exclusive licence being restricted to use in connection with the provision of the IANA functions.

1.7. Edits to mention IANA registries not managed by ICANN, and non-IANA registries managed by the ICANN IANA department.

Text has not yet been edited.

2. Update on discussion in operational communities.

The draft “Principle Terms” draft document is in Google Docs at this URL: <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oR3nmHl1fK7BEWOBK65KyvnmhTJZX70j9q4Ne9i4ad4/edit?usp=sharing>.

Have all operational communities stared discussing it?  Is there any notable feedback?

3. Implications of the new name of PTI.

Do we think we need to be explicit that whatever the name is, all services remain at iana.org?

4. Name of IIGC.

Could we find a better name than IANA IPR Governance Council (IIGC)?

5. Next steps.

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