[Iana-ipr] Agenda for 15 Feb 2016

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Mon Feb 15 17:04:03 CET 2016

Here’s a proposed agenda for today’s call.  Right at the end, I also posted the WEBEX details.

Alan Barrett

Proposed agenda for IANA IPR call, 15 Feb 2016

1.  Mailing list read-only subscription by observers

Review action item from the previous meeting: German Valdez to investigate the technical feasibility of allowing open read-only subscription, and to implement it if it is easy.

This has been done.

2.  Draft document read-only access by observers

Review action item from the previous meeting: Greg Shatan to adjust the permissions and/or create new links as appropriate to allow this group to edit the document while allowing the public to read the document.

Is there a URL that we can publish on the mailing list?

3.  Tentative acceptance of non-controversial edits

Confirm that Jonathan and Lise have reviewed the document.

Confirm that non-controversial edits may be tentatively accepted, noting that acceptance is not binding on any parties.

4.  Discussion of items that have been flagged in the document

4.1.  Sublicensing rights

We agreed that the licence should be to ICANN.  Do we have to explicitly grant ICANN the right to sublicense?

4.2.  Registrar, registrant and admin contact for IANA domain names

The draft doesn’t mention the registrant for the IANA domain names.  Should it be the IETF Trust?

The draft specifies the IETF Trust as the administrative contact.  There’s an open issue about whether ICANN should be the admin contact, to satisfy concerns about stability.

There’s an open question about whether a registrar other than GoDaddy is needed, to provide a suitable level of control over which parties can make which changes.

This issue is touched on by sections 1b and 3d of the draft.

4.3.  Size of IIGC

The draft (seciton 2b) says "the RIRs, the IETF and the names community will each select [five (5)] representatives (the “IANA IPR Reps”) to serve on an IANA IPR Governance Council (“IIGC”).”  Comments have suggested that the 5 representatives per community shouod be reduced to 3 or 2.

4.4.  Exclusive license

The draft (section 3a) offers an exclusive license to ICANN.  We discussed this at the meeting on 8 February 2oa6, but perhaps more discussion is needed on how the IETF Trust and the three communities will be able to use the marks if there’s an exclusive license ot ICANN.

4.5.  Ability for IETF Trust to use the marks

The draft (section 3a) says "provided that the Trust will not have the right to use, display or reproduce the IANA marks”.  There’s a quetion about why this is desirable.

4.6.  Quality of service

The draft (section 3b) says “consistent quality at least equal to the quality of services offered by ICANN immediately prior to the transition”.  Is this sufficiently clear, especially to readers several years in the future?

4.7.  Request to engage a new IANA service provider

The draft (section 3g) say "the Trust may request that the relevant operational community or communities begin the process to engage a new IANA service provider.”  There’s a comment that the Trust could inform that communities that there’s an issue with IPR, but the decision about whether a new IANA operator is needed shouls come from the communities.

4.8.  Other issues

5.  Next steps

WEBEX details:

IPR February 2016 2nd Teleconference
Monday, February 15, 2016
9:00 pm  |  Greenwich Time (Reykjavik, GMT)  |  1 hr

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Meeting number:	708 074 468
Meeting password:	ianaipr

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