[Iana-ipr] Draft IANA License Agreement

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Tue Aug 9 10:22:53 CEST 2016

> On 9 Aug 2016, at 01:44, Jorge Contreras <contreraslegal at att.net> wrote:
> All – attached is a revised draft of the IANA IPR License Agreement template, reflecting substantial discussions among the legal team over the last several days, as well as input from various communities.  
> A clean version with a few comments for your consideration is attached, as well as a version marked against ICANN’s version of Aug. 2.  
> Please feel free to send any comments, corrections or discussion by email in advance of our Wednesday call.

Thank you.  I offer the following comments in my personal capacity; I have not discussed them with the RIR legal team.

* Definition of “IANA Services”

In the previous draft, “IANA Services” was defined broadly as all three of the Names, Numbers, and Protocol Parameters services.  In the new draft, “IANA Services” is defined as only one of the three.  I am concerned that this will be confusing, and I noticed at least one use of “IANA Services” in a context that was intended to refer to the collection of all three parts of the IANA services.

I suggest defining “Designated IANA Services” as the relevant one of the three parts of the IANA Services, and defining “IANA Services” more broadly as all three parts; then examining each use of the term to see which meaning was intended and substituting “Designated IANA Service” where appropriate.

* Spelling of “Number Resource Orgnization”

It’s “Number Resource Organization”, not “Numbers Resource Organization”.


The term “IANA Domains” is used but not defined.

* 3.2 Technical Contact

What happens to the tech contact position if one or two of the three licenses is terminated?

* 3.3. Subdomains

Should each of the three licenses be restricted to a specific list of subdomains, or do the termination conditions under 6.6.c cover the issue adequately?

* Exhibit A: IANA Service Description

Some of these descriptions refer to external documents which are now also referred to under the definition of “Service Agreement” in clause 1.36.  Consider using identical text in both places.

Alan Barrett

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