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Dear all,

Please see below the meeting notes and chat history from today's IANA IPR follow-up call. The audio and AC room recordings are now posted at https://www.icann.org/stewardship-implementation under "Meetings & Work Sessions" section.

*** Meeting Notes ***
IANA IPR follow-up Call
Monday, 8 August @ 15:00 UTC

Please note this call will be recorded.
To mute or unmute your phone, press *6 (star 6)

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC)
Alissa Cooper
andrew sullivan
Athina Fragkouli
Eduardo Jimenez (LACNIC´s Counsel)
Greg Shatan
Jari Arkko
Jari Arkko (2nd device)
Jennifer Chung
Jorge Contreras
Josh Hofheimer (Sidley)
Lise Fuhr
Ray Pelletier
Russ Housley
Samantha Eisner
scott bradner
Ted Hardie
Brenda Brewer
Nathalie Vergnolle
Trang Nguyen
Yuko Green

1. Status update from lawyers
2. Discussion of outstanding issues in the agreements
3. Update on process for public comment

1. Status update from lawyers
Legal groups have been working on all 3 agreements, which are all getting close to being finalized.
Group agrees that the documents can go into Public Comments with a few open issues that can be resolved during the public comment period.

2. Discussion of outstanding issues in the agreements
2.1 Community agreement:
Signing party for the RIRs
Art. 2.4 CCG Operational Procedures (TBD during PC period)
Art. 3.2.d Termination rights
Art. 4.4 Covenant
Exhibit B: putting off naming CCG - Exhibit to be removed
Exhibit A: Definition of the Names IANA services - ACTION: CWG to provide language before 08/11.

2.2 Licensing agreement:
Draft not ready for group distribution
Language on Root zone and registry management to be discussed
Language on IANA.org subdomains to be discussed
ACTION: Draft to be distributed later today, and group to review draft prior to Wednesday's follow-up call.

3. Update on process for public comment
Cover note being drafted for ICG to start Public Comment.
No issues with using the ICG web site for the Public Comment process

ACTION: extend Wednesday's call to 2 hours (1600 UTC - 1800 UTC)

Nathalie Vergnolle: Hello everyone!

andrew sullivan: hi

Athina Fragkouli: hello all

Yuko Green 2: Lise would you please mute your microphone? it's beeping

Lise Fuhr: Sorry

Jari Arkko (2nd device): no objection, welcome!

Yuko Green 2: Thank you Lise

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): Good to have Jennifer Chung here

Russ Housley: Welcome Jennifer

Jennifer Chung: Thank you and hello all.

Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): Good morning.  Jorge, please go ahead

Russ Housley: Audio is coming and going.  Is it just me?

Lise Fuhr: Audio good here

Russ Housley: Okay, I will drop and reconnect

Nathalie Vergnolle: Everyone has scrolling rights to look at the document

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): The NRO is an unincorporated organization consisting of the five RIRs.  The NRO makes decisions only by unanimous consent of the five CEOs/Esecutive Directors of the RIRs.

Russ Housley 2: @Greg:  The NRO is not a legal enityt

Greg Shatan: Under California law, an unincorporated association can be considered as a legal entity with minor actions.

Eduardo Jimenez (LACNIC´s Counsel): Number Resource Organization

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): NRO - Numbers Resource Organization

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): www.nro.net

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): Fine with one CCG co-chir being required to notify the entire CCG

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): (sorry, NRO = Number Resource Organization (singular Number, not plural Numbers)

Ray Pelletier: CCG is to work out its own operating proccedures

Alissa Cooper 2: +1, those are TBD but we do not need to resolve those this week

andrew sullivan: +1

Athina Fragkouli: The RIRs can only exercise their rights and/or powers under this Agreement by acting collectively and unanimously.

andrew sullivan: I think consistency with other docs seems good

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): the text Athina pasted is from section 3.3 of the SLA between RIRs and ICANN for the IANA Numbers Service

Ray Pelletier: I'd like to see language, wasn't clear

Athina Fragkouli: @Ray I will post it now

Lise Fuhr: @Athina thank you wasn't clear to me either

Athina Fragkouli: This is the suggested alternative text:

Athina Fragkouli: The CCG co-chair representing an Operational Community shall have theright to notify the IETF Trust of the termination of the serviceagreement between the relevant Operational Community and thethen-current IANA Operator with respect to such Operational Community'sdesignated IANA Service.

Athina Fragkouli: no worries, thank you

Greg Shatan: Agree with Josh.  It basically goes without saying, but no harm in saying it, especially if there's any impression that the CCG members might do otherwise (act on their own initiative).

andrew sullivan: Agree with the possibility of putting off naming CCG

Alissa Cooper 2: agree with greg, could be tough timing-wise

Lise Fuhr: Agree

Greg Shatan: I'm beginning to feel like a Futurist....

Lise Fuhr: Support to remove before PC

Greg Shatan: We could get rid of it and still choose the CCG reps befdore its signed.

Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): +1 Greg

Greg Shatan: Good

Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): The "IANA Naming Functions Agreement" would be the appropriate term, and includes underlying SLAs

Ray Pelletier: @Greg draft language

Ray Pelletier: +1 Greg

Ted Hardie: Are we going to have this draft displayed?

Jorge Contreras: @Ted - draft still has some wrinkles - will be distributed later today incorporating feedback from this call

andrew sullivan: I can send a draft today

andrew sullivan: to the list

Russ Housley 2: Plan seems fine to me

Samantha Eisner: Who can add me to the email list?

Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): Alissa - Do you want to consider making Wednesday a 2-hour call?

andrew sullivan: @Sam: according to Jorge, he got a note that you have been added already

Alissa Cooper 2: if people think we need it, sure

Samantha Eisner: @Andrew, great.  Thanks.

andrew sullivan: Better to make it 2 hours and go shorter than the converse

Samantha Eisner: Confirmed

Jari Arkko (2nd device): i'm ok for the extension

Athina Fragkouli: OK by me

scott bradner: i will miss the wed call altogether (previous commitment)

Jari Arkko (2nd device): I think the IAB call ends 30min before the scheduled start of the weds call.

Jorge Contreras: I can go later indefninitely, but only 30 minutes earlier due to prior commitments

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): I might be late to join the Wednesday call, but OK for adding an additional hour at the end

Lise Fuhr: Bye all

Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): thanks everyone for the prompt input

Eduardo Jimenez (LACNIC´s Counsel): thanks

Athina Fragkouli: thank you all

Alan Barrett (AFRINIC): Thanks

Ray Pelletier: good job

Greg Shatan: Bye all!

Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): Brenda and Yuko -- Please add Sharon Flanagan to the call on Wednesday from Sidley.



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